Zoho CRM Integration with Full Circle Insights

Our digital world has us moving at the speed of light these days, as we’re connected now more than ever. Our devices allow us to be tapped in no matter where we are, and we have the resources in place that can provide instant answers to practically everything we need. As consumers, this means that we’re bombarded with messaging at all times, whether we recognize them or not. Marketing efforts have advanced in such a way that reaching target audiences is easier than ever before. As consumers, we can trust now that the messaging we receive is customized just for us, based on our behavior online, how we spend our money, our geographic locations, and even assumptions made about us based upon trend reporting. With all of this in mind, your business should reflect upon the marketing strategies that you’re currently deploying to generate your messaging. If you’re not exploring all of these options, there is no better time than now to look at what Full Circle Insights can provide for your business. 

Even if you’re already established or just starting out, every single business within every industry can benefit from improving marketing strategies. As the digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving, it is your responsibility to stay alert to those updates, and this is how Full Circle Insights can help and bring in those eyes and ears of expertise from paying attention to these changes. 

Additionally, one of the incredible benefits of working with Full Circle Insights is its ability to integrate with your customized Zoho CRM. Your in-house marketing team will be able to perform their tentpole objectives more seamlessly and reach a more qualified audience so they can spend more time ideating and observing competitive trends so your business can dominate your competitive space. Here’s how the two platforms can work together to improve your business:

Zoho CRM Integration with Full Circle Insights
  • Analyzing the full funnel

It can be daunting to think about all the channels you can use to reach your target customer. With so many options out in the market now, it’s common to feel overwhelmed about where to start, which option is best, and the precise tools to utilize the right methods. With that, it can also be difficult to determine which channels will take your customer down the funnel so that they can convert and prove to be a brand champion. This is a moment in which it would be incredibly beneficial for your business to lean on Full Circle. They have the data and capability to track your leads down the funnel. With this tracking system in place, you’ll be able to decipher which tactics are working, and if you’re losing leads, you’ll be able to just as well identify where you lost them. From this information, you can refine and adjust your strategies until you see larger success rates and performance metrics. Nothing is a perfect science, and a lot of your marketing strategies are likely trial and error, but with this capability from Full Circle, you can lean on data to adjust. This information can then be circulated back to your appropriate teams via the automation of Zoho CRM so that the campaigns can be shifted immediately until better results are seen.

  • Campaign performance and optimization efforts

Knowing how your message is resonating with your customers is crucial. In today’s digital world, measuring performance is accessible and necessary, and in order to improve your scale and reach while also providing targeted messaging, you absolutely must take advantage of all the capabilities available. With Full Circle Insights, you can glean performance metrics of every aspect of your marketing campaign so you can see what’s working and how your consumers are engaging with your messaging. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the correlation of your marketing efforts to revenue, which also help you determine the importance of some channels vs. others when it comes to what you need to achieve. Again, this information can be relayed back to your Zoho CRM so that your appropriate teams will know what they need to do to refine, enhance, adjust, or tweak so that you can reach optimum campaign performance.

Zoho CRM Integration with Full Circle Insights
  • Lead generation accessibility

One of those advantages of marketing in the digital age is the ability to track and measure performance better than historical or other marketing methods. Tracking leads is no exception to this consideration. Digitally, we can identify a user’s actions and behaviors to find out where they came from, how they got there, and how far into the funnel they might be. This is how Full Circle can also work with your sales and marketing teams so that they can generate the information on these leads and retain their intent while it’s still in consideration. In a time when consumers are inundated with all kinds of brand messaging, this is a crucial way to stay top-of-mind so you can convert them and inspire them to travel down the funnel. These lead information pieces will be able to communicate back to your Zoho CRM so that your sales team can properly follow up with these leads.

  • Digital source tracking capability

This is another area in which digital marketing has a huge advantage over traditional. With these insights from Full Circle, you’ll essentially be able to “follow” a user through their online journey to better understand intent and need. From this data, you can fine-tune your messaging so that they stay with your brand’s messaging longer, engage with it more often, and figure out the turning point at the moment of conversion. With this data, you can then customize the experience so that other users will follow that similar pattern to ultimately engage with your brand to conversion. These insights can then be communicated through your Zoho CRM so that your engineers and production team can make any adjustments or changes necessary to better customize the experience for your target audience. With this, of course, comes greater revenue and more in-tune marketing strategies for the future.

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