Zoho CRM Integration with Fishbowl

If your business is reliant on the sales of physical products, you likely have a tremendous number of teams working together to keep your company successful and thriving. Beyond managing your digital presence through your site, social channels, and your teams that are in the field that act as the faces of your company, your business requires a ton of heavy lifting on the back end as well.

Keeping track of orders, monitoring the fulfillment process, tracking the delivery of the product, and even managing the customer’s expectations upon receipt require tedious attention to detail. As our digital world progresses and as ecommerce continues to thrive as a result, it can feel overwhelming when thinking about all the steps it takes to fulfill dozens to hundreds to thousands of orders at a time. Depending on the size of your business, your geographic location, and the industry in which your business falls, all of these details must be customized to fit your needs and your long-term goals as a business and as a brand.

Fishbowl is designed to help businesses track and fulfill their orders in a seamless, organized fashion without sacrificing time, energy, or money both for your employees and your business. The real-time alerts help educate your fulfillment teams when an order is placed so they can get started immediately, and once the order is filled and ready for shipment, Fishbowl then updates the proper teams on tracking information and expected delivery.

What makes this particular productivity tool important is that it’s available for integration with Zoho CRM. This particular productivity tool is designed to link teams together in collaboration and communication to help make all internal processes more efficient and effective for the long-term. With the option to automate certain tasks and responsibilities, your teams can save tremendous time and energy on tedious projects and instead focus their dedication to projects that require their distinct talent and expertise for which they were hired.

Zoho Crm Integration With Fishbowl

Integrating the efforts of your customized Zoho CRM with Fishbowl means that updates from either platform will be displayed on the other accordingly, which removes the possibility of error, duplication, or overlap of similar tasks. When your customers place their orders, they’re now accustomed to quick turnarounds and immediate delivery. This means that speedy fulfillment is a must for your customer base to remain loyal and consistent.

Benefits of the Zoho CRM and Fishbowl Integration

  • Order imports, exports, and fulfillments

When an order is placed on either your Zoho CRM or Fishbowl, the information is mapped back and forth between the two. This allows your various fulfillment teams to be updated on stats, tracking options, as well as financial information. This data is then stored in a function and easy-to-use location for the designated teams to access, like accounting, executive teams, and even the warehouse managers.

  • Product imports and exports

When product information comes in, you’ll have the ability to map both importing and exporting strategies between both your customized Zoho CRM and Fishbowl, communicating details, pricing, and even links so your multiple stakeholders on various teams are informed in the most up-to-date manner.

Zoho Crm Integration With Fishbowl
  • Inventory updates

This detail is incredibly important and might often go overlooked. So much attention is required to fulfill orders and product information, which sometimes takes away from the necessary attention that is needed to the existing inventory while orders are being placed and fulfilled. This tracking system will help analyze buying trends and efficiency behaviors so that your planning team can effectively plan for higher demand or decreased need for certain products. Either way, these updates are communicated both in Fishbowl and your Zoho CRM so that the necessary teams are informed and kept up-to-speed on progression.

Ultimately, customer satisfaction is essentially every business’s primary focus – without it, success would not be a reality for your company. Ensuring proper fulfillment and delivery warrants your customer base to engage with your brand in the future. It’s important to note that in today’s digital world, online reviews can truly make or break a brand, so it’s crucial to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

Luckily, every step of the process requires a different team, a different mindset, and a different approach, so Fishbowl designed specific products that cater to these separate responsibilities.

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Canada
  • Go
  • Checkout
  • Hosted Services
  • For Salesforce
  • Training and Support
  • Time
  • Ship Express

All of these specific applications aren’t necessarily a requirement to fulfill every arm of the business, but depending on your industry, available products, or even your geographic location, certain ones may prove to be highly useful for your business. As you grow and get accustomed to the capabilities of certain applications and services, you might shift your plan and continue to customize your product portfolio within Fishbowl.

Lastly, Fishbowl is experienced and versed in the transaction fields within a multitude of industries. The platform is aware that as our technology advances, there are tools that help perform the scope of work for the teams on the floor fulfilling.

From mobile kits to specific printers, Fishbowl can help make your internal processes easier and faster, all along the same timeline of these very digital advancements. It’s crucial for your business to keep up with these updates, as your competitors are doing the same research as you in order to stay relevant and ahead of the competitive space. While your teams are down on the floor, scanning products digitally, entering information in the point of sale unites, or updating information in the office above, all the information will be reflected both on Fishbowl and your customized Zoho CRM.

How to Get Started

Luckily, Fishbowl is well-versed in what it does and serves many other companies that are well-known and have a significant brand awareness. Use this expertise to bring these insights into your business, and the data will quite literally travel from the floor and Fishbowl to your Zoho CRM which will then eventually translate into your brand’s presence within the public and your other channels.

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