Zoho CRM Integration with Dropbox

Over the past several decades, our business model, no matter the industry, has evolved. Our technology and ability to communicate anywhere has forced us to think differently when it comes to our professional productivity. In recent years, our smart devices have drastically had an impact on how we conduct our business. Now that we can hop on the internet as long as we have data or a strong connection, this means that we can essentially operate anywhere at any time. This also means that when your business can be done at all times at any location, so does your competition.

As a consumer, you’re used to now performing tasks at your fingertips. Practically everything is accessible from our devices, and information can be shared in seconds. For businesses, this means that attention span has been cut down drastically, and your window for delivering your brand’s message is even smaller. You have to do what you need to do in order to make an impact and make your customer come back.

So how do you do this without sacrificing your quality? It starts from the inside.

We’ve replaced massive filing cabinets with digital folders on your hard drive. We’ve replaced landlines with email addresses and cell numbers. Now, we have cloud storage, which has also completely changed the ways in which we operate.

Just years ago, when we had to send files digitally, we’d have to hope that the file sizes were small enough to send via email. If not, we had to get creative in the ways in which we’d send these materials. With the cloud, however, we’ve been able to solve the problem of file sizes and compatibility. We’ve also been able to provide a way for people to work in one document at the same time. Instead of wasting a tremendous amount of time circulating the same document for one project from one manager to the next, the cloud has introduced a way for us to work in a collaborative and efficient way.

Dropbox and Zoho CRM integration

It’s likely that your company already uses a cloud platform for document storage and collaboration. This model has completely changed the way most businesses are operating, and the platform allows all users to be in control of their own materials. Since Dropbox is essentially designed to be an online version of your hard drive, you’ll be able to organize and file your personal organization any way in which you see fit.

What’s even better is the ability to manage and utilize group documents in real-time. If your department relies on documentation for the whole team, it saves a tremendous amount of time if the whole team is able to edit the document at any time. Since more than one person can be in the document at once, efficiency is the name of the game. For group projects, this is where collaboration really comes through.

  • Device friendly

Since our advanced technology and smart devices have allowed us to read, hear, connect, and conduct anywhere at any time, our business operations must be able to do the same. Traditionally, the desktop or laptop was the primary device for productivity. Gone are the days of waiting until Monday morning to respond to that email, amend that draft, or send along the latest version of the report. With the ability to work on any computer or mobile device or tablet, your work can continue to evolve, even when you’re not in the office.

  • Use other collaboration tools

Aligning your Dropbox with your customized Zoho CRM means that you can also integrate other tools to help even further your project productivity. From communication channels, like Slack or Zoom, to content platforms, like WordPress, you can weave your communication threads across all these channels so that all project managers are in-the-know about updates and completion rates. No matter what combination of platforms or applications that you use, updates will be reflected within your Zoho CRM so that file transfer within Dropbox will be maintained and noted.

Sending and distributing files through the cloud can feel a bit nerve-wracking at times, especially when we think about the levels of security that must be maintained in order to stay confidential. With high concern around cyber-security, however, you can rest assured that Dropbox is dedicated to keeping your information safe and secure. You set the parameters on who in your organization can view and edit your files, and Dropbox ensures that not only are these settings respected, but they’re also respected externally so that your data stays where it needs to.

  • Search capability

We are now the search generation. We are so accustomed to finding the answer in an instant by simply typing in our query, and we’re answered with a flood of options. Dropbox took this into consideration in design and chose to model their platform after these behaviors. If your folders need desperate attention for organization, or if you simply don’t know where to start if you need something, you start by searching.

In order to talk to each other more effectively as professionals, we also need to make sure that our platforms can do the same thing behind-the-scenes. We employ these tools to ensure that they can keep our business running successfully so that our humans can continue to make connections in the field. In a world in which we’re connected digitally, it’s important that we continue to make the real human connections.

Dropbox and your Zoho CRM can work together to help update processes, move projects, and encourage collaboration for a faster turnaround time. Communicate with each other internally more efficiently and effectively, and not only will your place in your competitive set be saved for the top, but you’ll be able to adapt to newer technologies faster and easier. Your teams will appreciate the speed, and they’ll appreciate working for a company that stays in-tune and competitive.

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