Zoho CRM Integration with CoreLogic

Regardless of the kinds of decisions you’re making as a company, you’re making those decisions founded by multiple factors. You likely either used historical data or routine to influence your decision, and you perhaps utilized the knowledge and expertise of other teams to make your decision. Any decision, small or large, requires a background and a moment of deliberation and argument. It’s best to be informed and to have explored every avenue before arriving at an educated conclusion.

Our digital world has enabled us to reach more educated decisions due to the data that we now have. We can track, monitor, watch, and engage with all sorts of tools that help us arrive at certain data points, which will then be used in the future to better hypothesize, market, and communicate. As we continue to move with this data, our decisions will be better made and more informed. Our customers and consumers will feel more secure with our products and our brand, and our competitors will be fiercer than ever since they’re capturing just as much data and insight.

So where do you get this data? And how do you arrive at it?

Introducing CoreLogic and Zoho CRM

The housing field is a complex one, and there are many relationships to consider when growing any business that’s related to it. From consumers (who are the renters and the buyers) to the larger stakeholders (like the banks, realtors, investment firms, and so on), there are many facets of data to consider, even just for one property. Additionally, with all the hands in a pot like this, it’s crucial that the data is kept safe and secure for all parties involved.

Real estate professionals, mortgage banks, property management companies, insurers, and even contractors all work to ensure that every process of the housing market works. It’s a complicated network, and everyone is making their own isolated decisions, and this can be difficult to do when you have multiple people working together at different rates and styles.

CoreLogic can gather all sorts of data that is designed to be customized for your company’s goals and needs. No matter what sector your company falls in, there’s likely a solution that CoreLogic can find for you.

Managing costs is always a main priority for any company, not just in the housing or banking community. But with the help of CoreLogic, you’ll be able to utilize their data to help you with this step of the process. This kind of knowledge will help you turn around your projects with better time, which will only help you better manage the expectations of your clients and customers. This data can also then be tracked back to your customized Zoho CRM so your appropriate teams can be in the know of all activity here.

This is another area in which it helps to have the help of CoreLogic in garnering helpful data. Managing the value of a place can be incredibly open-ended, and there are always tons of avenues to consider when trying to determine this kind of value. With this element of data available, you can trust that your relationships with your clients will be honest and the information that you relay will be accurate. This will keep your operations in motion so you won’t delay other teams in your process.

  • Property intelligence

Finding leads in the housing market can not only be difficult, but it can also be ever-changing. Life factors and decisions heavily impact this unpredictable market, and finding and retaining these individuals can be difficult. With the intelligence of CoreLogic, you’ll be better equipped to find these people that are looking. From budget and location to background and income, tremendous factors can influence a buyer’s readability.

  • Risk management and monitoring

Many industries and operations can be a tricky place to be that is unpredictable and often flaky. When you take investments into consideration for these industries and areas of focus, it can be even more particularly stressful. This is another area in which it’s helpful to have the data from CoreLogic so that you can make educated decisions on how you should assess your options and price your options. Combine this data with what your internal teams have in their arsenal, and you can truly bring home a detailed and efficient prediction about how to invest.

When thinking about how CoreLogic can help your business, it’s important to note that the platform itself has already proven itself as a reliable partner to millions. With patents established all over the world, businesses from all walks within the housing industry trust CoreLogic for its data-driven insights and proven relationship with its information. The company holds several events throughout the year, so if your company needs additional information, this is a great opportunity to network and learn more about its capabilities.

They’re also constantly looking for ways to prove their innovation to remain competitive and a leader in their space. They build innovation centers so they can continue their research, they look at developing technology that can help them make educated decisions, and they’re always looking for ways to refresh and transform their content. If that doesn’t lean you more towards CoreLogic, we’re not sure what would!

Key takeaways

In our digital world, we absolutely have to pay attention to the data that we have the access to. We’re able to track and monitor behaviors, identify trends, and locate areas of opportunity for growth and awareness. With the ability to sync your CoreLogic application with your customized Zoho CRM, incoming information can be translated directly to the appropriate teams in your organization so that you can make more educated marketing decisions and be more informed while in the field. Digital advancements allow us to make advanced decisions so that your product and initiatives can reach your target audience in an organic and natural way, especially in a field in which that can be sometimes difficult to achieve.

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