Zoho CRM Integration with BigCommerce

Zoho CRM Integration with BigCommerce

The internet and its evolution over the years have completely changed the way in which we interact with one another. Our connections are now endless, which brings upon many avenues in which we can reach others and engage. It’s also influenced the shift in how we shop and gather the products for our regular lives. Brick and mortar locations no longer lead the way in which we spend, as ecommerce has dominated the retail space for some time now. Giants like Amazon have paved the road for consumer expectations, so all other retailers from other big-box giants to small, family-owned businesses must follow that template in order to succeed. Online shopping is extensively easier and faster than in-person shopping, so your business must cater to those expectations in order to survive.

This can also be a tricky maneuver since the market is flooded with other online retailers, more than ever before. It can be difficult to sift through the clutter and identify how your brand will stand out amidst the others. Additionally, finding out how you can reach your current customers in addition to seeking others for a broader reach can feel intimidating considering the millions of people around the world.

Luckily, given the rising popularity of brands moving to digital platforms to sell their products, there are also products and applications that can help streamline the process for you so you can focus on more important things, like engaging with your customers. One example is BigCommerce – this platform is designed to simplify your processes from start to finish so you can save time and energy, and the work that can be done by this platform will not only save you money, but it will deliver insights for you that will help you generate a larger customer base so you can bring in more revenue and profit.

The Power of the Integration of BigCommerce with Zoho CRM 

One of the advantages of living in this digital age is the ability to gather insights in an immediate fashion. Our tracking abilities and heavy data can lead us to opportunities of growth and identify gaps in the market. Additionally, the digital age allows us to customize the programs we use to satisfy our unique and individual needs, and advanced technology also has the ability to automate processes that may otherwise be taking up valuable time and energy from the teams and their expertise. Zoho CRM knows the value of this option, and it can implement all kinds of automation for your teams. Additionally, the system also recognizes how often your internal teams must talk with one another on certain projects, and the Zoho CRM platform is designed to encourage increased and more efficient collaboration, again, to save time, energy, and even money and resources.

Zoho CRM Integration with BigCommerce

To make the process of running your ecommerce brand easier than ever, you can integrate your BigCommerce platform with your customized Zoho CRM. Not only will these platforms communicate with each other to provide updates and notifications, but your processes in place will move even faster than before to ensure seamless fulfillment and optimum customer satisfaction.

A Few Benefits to this Integration

  • Order updates

One of the main requirements to operating a successful ecommerce business is establishing a well-run fulfillment process. You can customize your BigCommerce app to alert you when an order is placed, and you can find out in real-time of any updates or changes to that order. BigCommerce will also assign an identification to each order so that it’s easy to find and source for future reference. All of these details can also be set up so that they’re communicated back to your Zoho CRM platform so that your sales, fulfillment, and even finance teams are aware of all actions within the site.

  • Customer information

Our digital existence now relies so much on our identification. When we visit a site for the first time, it’s likely we’re targeted for ads immediately after. If we sign up for one credit card, it’s likely we’ll get offers for other cards. Our online identity is more than just our personal information now, so when new customers provide their contact information on your site, that can be communicated to Zoho CRM for lead input. The more we know about our consumers from a behavior standpoint and how they spend their time online, the more in tune your business will be when it comes to reaching your target audience.

  • Coupon capabilities

Any business within any industry knows the value of competition and how it forces you to always be strategic and thoughtful around how you want to be perceived in the marketplace. Sometimes, either to get started or get your business off the ground, you have to offer incentives for customers to take a chance on your brand. Offering coupons or special deals can elevate your business while also build your consumer base. Once that data is collected, it will, again, be communicated through your Zoho CRM so that your analytics team will be able to identify what marketing strategies work and how to learn from your analysis.

  • Traffic and conversion

Whether your business is brand new or well-known in the space, you’ll still need steady or increased traffic to your site to maintain your relevancy. An advantage to working with BigCommerce is that it can help drive traffic to your site based on the data and backend resources the platform has. Ultimately, once you have the traffic, engagement and conversion are the next goals so you can not only better understand your customers but so you can generate revenue. These findings, mixed with your internal insights teams, will help drive the monies in.  

  • Deep data and insights

Whether it’s via social media, onsite communications or discussions, or even conversion rates, BigCommerce can help you better understand your business and what you can learn from your customer behaviors. It’s crucial to always be in a state of learning, and to truly take advantage of the insights that our digital world can provide us, we need to look at that data and apply those learnings to future strategies.

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