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Zoho CRM and Your Sales Leads: Stay Ahead

Any business relies on sales and revenue to stay afloat and relevant. It doesn’t really matter the industry or the specific business you’re conducting to generate that income; managing the finances is a crucial part for your company’s development.

In today’s world and time, information is being transferred every second, and deals are being completed just as rapidly. With our current advanced technology status and how we reach people all over the world in just an instant, we have had to complete adapt all of our business models to adapt to this digital shift. This means we also have to think differently about how we manage our income.

Your customized Zoho CRM will help you streamline your regular business processes, but one of the other strong benefits to using this organization software is that it helps with pipeline management for your sales team. Sure, some still use business cards and rely on in-person networking events to help increase their lead pile; but to ultimately stay current, there has to be a better way to manage all of your leads. The speed of business has dramatically increased, and you and your business simply have to keep up. Zoho CRM is here to help.

How the Leads Module in Your Zoho CRM Can Help

One of the services that your Zoho CRM can provide is bringing you into the next digital age successfully and seamlessly. No matter your business or industry, it’s imperative to merge your processes into a system that satisfies the new model of business operations. Luckily, no matter the Zoho CRM package that your company selects, the Leads capability is available, meaning that you should absolutely take advantage of its abilities.

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First of all, your Zoho CRM stores the basic information you’ll need from each lead: account information, point of contact, and more about the specific business opportunity. From there, the program will assign the lead to a specific sales lead, prompting that rep to then follow through with either contacting the connection, developing further research or investigation, and identifying the possibility of that lead turning into a prospect.

While this process probably feels very simple, the beauty is that it holds your sales team accountable for not missing out on possible opportunities, and the system prompts your whole team to not miss a beat. Additionally, by keeping this information in a digital format, it’s easy to notice and identify trends and patterns, which can also translate into a larger picture, like noticing certain industry or marketplace behaviors.

How the Leads Home Page Helps Your Team Members

While the digital shift is meant and designed to help us in the big picture, it can also overwhelm us, as we constantly connected, our devices are always with us, and business can be operated at any hour of the day, no matter where you are geographically.

Zoho knows this and wants to help keep you and your teams sane. So they created the Leads Home Page, which helps you sales team keep everything organized and in a clean manner, so as not to stress them out or feel as though they cannot conduct their business efficiently or simply put, as quickly as they can.

Similar to our social media, our email accounts, or even our device settings, each seller can customize his or her Leads Home Page so that it best suits specific needs and preferences. Each team member can organize leads into different categories to keep themselves sane, like Unread Leads, Converted Leads, Recently Created Leads, Lost Leads, etc. Again, this is all dependent on how each team member works as an individual, so this allows each seller the freedom to customize.

From there, everything else on the page can certainly be customized to satisfy personal leads. Operate email functions, set up rules and tasks settings, and organize records. All of these functions help your teams stay on track so that your “Missed Opportunities” list remains small.

With the internet and our ability to be constantly connected, it’d be a shame to let a strong lead slip by. With this advanced technology, however, that just means that competition is meaner, and time is a bigger crunch. With Zoho CRM’s Leads capabilities, you can ensure that your business will continue on successfully with the hope of new business.

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Next Steps

Managing your leads is just one step in the process of developing and enhancing your sales strategy. Your Zoho CRM can help with all dimensions of your pipeline management, and it’s recommended to utilize all of these steps for an efficient and full-bodied approached. Once your leads are developed and inputed, your customized Zoho CRM can help manage all those details, including the account and contact information. From there, once the leads are converted, Zoho can help manage the deals to assist your sales team. As a sensical integration, it can also help manage activities and generate forecast reports for your sellers so that they can spend more time in the market benefiting from facetime with prospective (and current) clients.

When You Need Some Help

So many other companies rely on the capabilities that Zoho CRM has to offer for business management. That doesn’t mean, however, that no one ever needs a little help from time to time. There are hundreds of experts and consultants available worldwide that can help you adjust if this is a new implementation for your company. Introducing change or new methods of conducting business isn’t always easy, so there are options.

From in-person seminars to webinars to discussion boards to even hiring a consultant, Zoho offers amazing options when it comes to adjusting to the transition properly. Additionally, your company is surely not the first one to experience a new process, so there are tried-and-true ways to ensure your business is onboarded successfully and efficiently, all while not missing out on any prospective business. Your Zoho CRM is here to work for you and your business, so be sure to take advantage of all that the program has to offer.

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