Zoho Commerce – Developing Your Business

Zoho Commerce is a cloud-based platform that helps entrepreneurs design and set up online stores in under an hour. It’s based on drag and drop features which help you choose and place your requirements just where you want them to be.

Access to Zoho Commerce

You can sign up for Zoho Commerce using an email address. If you’re a registered user with Zoho, you can directly log in to Zoho Commerce. You can also take advantage of a 14-day trial during which you can test our full product for free.


After your free trial expires, you can subscribe to any one of the paid plans to continue using Zoho Commerce

Migrating from Other Software

If you’re migrating from other software to Zoho Commerce, you’ll need to import your products into the Zoho Commerce store.


The Dashboard gives you a clear picture of your company’s sales order values and traffic data. It gives you an overview on orders placed and delivered over multiple time durations, along with your traffic-related data.


Orders will show you all your order-related data. Order status, payment status, and shipping status details will all be updated.


Products are the physical goods that you sell in your store. These products can be sold on other websites as well.


Categories allow your products to be arranged broadly into groups of similar products. All category-related information will be updated on the page.


Collections are created by arranging similar products into a group, because they’re united by a similar feature. Products that are on sale could be included in a Collection in your store.


Zoho Commerce can be integrated with various third-party apps, as well as Zoho apps like Inventory, Commerce, CRM, and more. You can also integrate Zoho Commerce with multiple payment gateways to receive payments directly from your customers.


Settings is your main destination for all other features of your store. This is one of your most crucial sections for discovering, creating, and populating your store with useful features.


The Reports module in Zoho Commerce contains 20+ reports related to your business, sales, and customers. There are three subscription plans available in Zoho commerce

1. Commerce Starter plan

The Commerce Starter plan is for businesses that are starting out. It allows you to add up to 5,000 products. You can have 2,000 registered users and we charge a nominal transaction fee when sales exceed Rs.50,000. This is the best choice if your venture is just starting out.

2. Commerce Pro plan

The Commerce Pro plan is the ultimate plan, because it has the ability to take your business to the next level. We offer exclusive features like social logins and cart abandonment. We also make life easier for you by allowing you to manage your store’s shipping with live shipping rates.

3. Enterprise plan

If your store makes more than 12.5 lakhs through sales, then we can come up with a customized plan exclusively for your business. You’ll be able to implement minimum transaction fees while benefiting from all our exclusive features and more.

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