Introducing Zoho Classes

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We’re living in a time when digital operations are proving to be a sustainable full-time model to run business and engage with one another. What once was just a support or enhancement to in-person events and experiences has now shifted into something that can exist on its own.

From retail to even telehealth, our digital advancements have helped us connect with one another on a level of convenience that has been previously untapped and also unmatched. With this increased capability of connection without missing any beats of productivity, we’re all starting to realize the many benefits of relying strictly on digital and virtual capabilities.

We’ve watched our educational model shift over the years. Digital learning has advanced quickly. What started off as occasional online classes and digital discussion boards for homework submission, engagement, and collaboration has shifted now to almost entirely digital-run academic services for the entire experience.

As recent months have proved that online education is here to stay, Zoho is also ensuring that your educational services have the platform they need to provide these capabilities.

Introducing Zoho Classes

New to the Zoho family, Zoho Classes now offers a complete digital learning experience for both instructors and students alike. Since our world has changed so drastically in just a couple of months, this platform will allow your educational operations to continue without disruption to your lesson plans, your students’ academic timeline, or the quality of education that they’re receiving. This new platform has taken all aspects of online learning into consideration to not only stay up-to-date with new innovations but to also ensure that your students are receiving the education they need to succeed and advance.

  • Live streaming capabilities
    Whether your classes are a dozen students or into the hundreds, you’ll have the option to live stream your sessions so that students will get the experience of attending your class in-person. You’ll also be able to monitor how many attendees you have in each session to gauge levels of attendance and engagement. This will help inform you of how accessible your class is but also if the time is more practical for some students vs. others.

  • Course education flexibilities
    If a live feed of a class is not a possibility, you also have the ability to upload pre-recorded classes or lectures for students to access at their own pace. This also allows them to control where they are in the lecture so they can pause or revisit any moment of the class to suit their own needs or their own speed. This will help them prep for exams, provide them with confidence when writing papers, or provide a voice of authority when working on group projects.
  • Assignment delivery without in-person requirements
    It wouldn’t be an online learning environment if there wasn’t an option to submit projects digitally. Instead of hand-delivering, your students will be able to submit papers, assignments, and even multimedia projects through the app. This not only saves time, but your students’ submissions will be easily tracked digitally so there’s no room for missed deadlines or missed communication.
  • Adherence to current security measures
    It’s common that there might be a concern for privacy and safety when sharing personal information through digital channels. Between interacting with others students and personal data being shared like email addresses and phone numbers and even grades, Zoho Classes works hard to ensure that everyone’s privacy is respected in every way.
  • Financial transactions with utmost privacy
    Paying for this education or classes is also taken into consideration with Zoho Classes. With automated reminders for students to make payments or to encourage automatic payments, your students will appreciate the sensitivity around security and privacy when it comes to their finances.
  • Link ecommerce store
    You can even provide an option for online shopping. Your students will appreciate the one-stop-shop when it comes to engaging with your institution and will likely engage with the store in-app due to convenience and being in the right mindset when shopping. Users will also be able to buy tickets to events that you might be hosting, and users will also have the opportunity to share their finds with others, which can help broadcast your brand and your messaging.
  • Instantly connect with students for personal help
    Students will often engage with instructors after class, during office hours, or even in passing while on campus. While those interactions are not accessible in an online learning experience, your students will still be able to engage with you in other ways within the Zoho Classes platform. With one-on-one chat features and even open forum classroom discussion, your students will feel the confidence to confide in you if they have additional questions or require outside help.
  • Image and video gallery
    Our devices have truly made us all visual people. With social media platforms and the encouragement of photo sharing all around us, this option will encourage your students to interact with one another in this way. This will help form bonds, encourage trust with one another, and enhance an already memorable experience.
  • Trusted software name
    Zoho Classes might be new to the Zoho family, but the overall platform itself is well-known to companies across the globe. As our communication methods continue to advance and shift in response to our world’s events, your educational system can still thrive, and your institution can take advantage of a proven software and platform that thousands already trust.

The digital learning experience will never go away. It’s proven to be one that works well and provides access to people that would have never been able to experience higher learning before. These capabilities will not only provide you convenience, but they will allow your students to engage with you in personal ways while still staying safe in their homes. No matter what the future brings us in the next year, decade, or century, our reaction and response to global matters have proven to be impactful and still rewarding. Zoho Classes will bring your educational experience into the 21st century. 

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