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Zoho Campaigns

As our business industry continues to dive deeper into digital capabilities and what we can do with them to grow revenue and increase brand awareness, our strategies have become more refined and targeted to help us arrive at our goals and reach our target audiences more organically and effectively. With tools that help us monitor what consumers are searching for and what they’re talking about in social, we can identify trends and recognize needs and white spaces. When we’re able to analyze site behavior and understand the user journey once they’re engaging with our brand, we can look at areas where we can improve and celebrate the ones that are working.  

When it comes to reaching new users and retaining existing ones, there are many strategies that your company can adopt to help your brand stay on top of your competitive market and keep them loyal to your company and the product or services that you provide. One of those strategies includes email marketing so that you can deliver your brand message directly in their inbox so that you can stay top-of-mind while also finding them where they already are. The extreme shareability aspect of email marketing is just as effective, as in our time of referrals and sharing, consumers are likely to share their own experience with your brand with their own network in as easy as a few clicks. 

This is when Zoho Campaigns can come into play to help your brand stay top-of-mind while engaging with users when they’re already in the mindset of receiving messages through their inbox. Here are just a few ways that this product can help bring your own brand message to the top of your target audience’s inbox. 

  • Easy-to-use templates bring a memorable experience

As consumers ourselves, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by our personal inbox, as marketing emails are a tried-and-true practice in business growth operations, which is why it’s imperative that your marketing message stands out amongst the crowd. No matter what your marketing message is that you’re hoping to promote within your email, Zoho Campaigns allows you to customize your template to fit your brand’s message as appropriately as possible. Whether it’s a special offer, a communication piece, or even just a note that shares appreciation of business, Zoho Campaigns will allow your message to take center stage so that the consumer doesn’t have to search for it. 

  • Automation that delivers personalization and consumer listening

Many companies choose to send blanket email communication to their entire lead list, which might work for some business models, especially those that are just getting started and trying to broaden their user base. For companies that might have multiple layers of consumer engagement or levels of the funnel, most will likely choose to customize the messaging that is delivered for each layer of the consumer funnel. Zoho Campaigns provides a personalized automation system that provides a scalable approach to reaching each funnel level of users so that each person is receiving a message that is unique and personal to their individual level of relationship with your brand. Brand new users will get a welcoming kind of message, while long-standing consumers will likely receive more of an appreciation kind of message. This ensures that each person that interacts with your brand feels as though they’re valued, no matter how long their relationship is with your company. 

  • Connect with other Zoho product applications for utmost efficacy

Because Zoho Campaigns is a part of the larger Zoho family, your teams can integrate the functionality and communication within Zoho Campaigns with other products, like your customized Zoho CRM, any social media platforms that you already use, and any additional communication tools that you use to help deliver your brand’s messaging. This will ensure that all teams involved will be informed of what messages each user is receiving, where they are in the funnel, what other messages they might be interacting with, and where there are areas of opportunity.

  • Optimum analytics and reporting for ongoing learning

As with any other kind of digital product out there, email marketing is an effective way to reach your consumers when face-to-face is no longer a primary model. This also means that these advanced digital capabilities have the advantage of learning from tactics that work and those that may have missed the mark. Zoho Campaigns has the ability to examine the programs that you’ve deployed and analyze the performance so that your teams can understand what aspects worked and what didn’t. This kind of reporting will also tell you more information on the consumer base that you’re reaching – you can understand more on who they are, demographics, what interest them the most, what they’re talking about, and so on. This kind of data is invaluable, as it will tell your teams essentially how you can better reach them and what will resonate with them the most. 

  • Conduct business anywhere, just like consumers

As consumers ourselves, we’ve easily grown accustomed to being able to do practically everything with our devices, and that includes interacting with new brands and quite literally doing business with them. As a business, this is something to keep in mind, and luckily, Zoho Campaigns is mobile-friendly, so your teams will be able to monitor your email marketing campaigns no matter where they are, if they’re in-between meetings, or if they’re out of the office. This means that no step will be missed, and your communication strategies both internally and externally will be as effective as ever. 

In a digital time when consumers have infinite choices around the brands with which they engage, it’s imperative that your company’s presence stays top-of-mind for your target audience. Zoho Campaigns can help deliver that goal by bringing your brand’s messaging to the top of their inbox, engaging with them at a time when they’re already in the mindset of welcoming messages. You’ll be able to reach new crowds and broaden your brand awareness while simultaneously retaining your organic and built-in audience as well. 

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