Zoho Books Integration with QuickBooks Online

Zoho Books - QB Online Sync

This video is a demonstration of how the integration between Zoho Books and QuickBooks online work. This integration / Sync has been developed by Boosted CRM. It is a windows console application solution and it runs on a PC or Windows server. It can be scheduled to run every hour or as often as you need. This application uses Zoho Books API and QuickBooks Online API to sync the following modules:

Zoho BOOKS ———— QB Online
Items → 1-way → Items
Customers → 1-way → Customers
Invoice ↔ 2-way ↔ Invoice
Bills ↔ 2-way ↔ Bills
Vendors → 1-way → Vendors
Payments Received ← 1-way ← Payments Received
Payments Made ← 1-way ← Payments Made

If you are interested in syncing data between Zoho and QuickBooks Online or Desktop, please book a time to discuss your needs with one of our Zoho Certified Consultant. We offer a .NET solution with QuickBooks Desktop and a PHP solution for integrating QB online with Zoho.

Please submit your information so we can setup a time to review your system