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Zoho Benefits for a Growing Company

I work for a company that is fueled by advertising for our main source of revenue. Our brand is growing with every month, and we’re hitting new targets and demographics faster than we thought possible. Of course, this is exciting, and I love being able to say that I’m part of the movement that is expanding this brand’s awareness and user relationship. What’s even better is that as we expand, our departments are working so well together to ensure proper program performance and quality content production. Our processes haven’t gotten lost in the shuffle, and we see this growth as an opportunity to better one another.

Now, one might like to think that their particular department is incredibly competent and has
great instinct for project management, and in many times, it’s true. We’ve all been hired because we’re seen as knowledgeable, valuable, and talented amongst a competitive field. As companies grow and require more attention, however, it can be pretty easy to let tasks slip through the cracks or fall to the wayside due to a large or demanding workload.

One of the reasons we’re capable of achieving incredible goals and benefiting from one another to make our business model work is because we use Zoho.

This business management software not only connects our departments together, but it ensures that our processes and procedures are managed appropriately. When so many departments are required to work together for any kind of project, it’s crucial to find a way to streamline business operations by keeping every key stakeholder responsible for their roles and obligations.

Zoho Benefits For A Growing Company


Since the individuals in all of our departments come from different professional backgrounds and practice various tasks in their roles, one individual may be more tech-savvy than the next, or one might take kindly to timelines while another may feel anxiety from turnaround expectations. What we’ve come to learn, however, is that Zoho is generally simple to
understand and use on a regular basis, and just with most things in life, it becomes easier to use with more interaction. When we discovered some team members had a bit more difficulty than others, there’s a great support system from the Zoho team to help bridge the learning curve.
While some applications within the software are a bit more difficult to use depending on tasks involved, the experience is still ultimately a personal one, so we pay very close attention to what our employees are saying when it comes user intuition.


As a growing company, we keep learning about different features and applications that the software has to offer, and we’re able to customize our experience to fit our expectations. As our teams also grow in size and our department leads require additional headcounts, these added responsibilities are easier to track with this software and to help keep everyone in line.

A few weeks ago, we were discussing a slight rebrand so that our presence continues its relevance, but the idea is to also help us mold ourselves as we change with prospective acquisitions and additional partnerships. As these develop and become more routine, we have to constantly rethink our brand as it stands in the marketplace and how we will continue to
evolve over time. This customizable feature allows us the freedom to tweak as we see fit, allowing us to worry about what really matters: our brand’s integrity.

Sales Forecasting

One of the main, driving forces behind us using Zoho is because our sales team is constantly updating their forecasts and refreshing their estimates. Since we are an advertising-driven company, we’re always keeping one ear to the ground when it comes to forecasting, and Zoho helps us map out our revenue. By doing this, we have more time and energy to focus on
building our client relationships and paying attention to what’s going on in the marketplace, including what our competitors are doing.

Media is constantly shifting, so we’re always paying attention to how other platforms are performing, the best way to reach our consumers, and the most innovative strategy in delivering our brand’s message. With this software, we can put our heart where our mouth is
instead of worrying about dollars and cents.

Zoho Benefits For A Growing Company | Boosted Crm

Email and Social Media Marketing

Whether we like it or not, this form of reaching consumers is not going anywhere. What was once considered a fleeting communication platform restricted to teenagers and college students has clearly become a new vehicle of brand messaging and awareness. With almost every company and brand managing their own social platforms now either independently or via a third-party agency, it’s imperative to pay close attention to this online presence.

Zoho can help streamline this process, even if you don’t have a skilled and tapped-in millennial on your team to help decipher the nuances. There are ways to utilize the software to interact with engaged consumers via social media platforms and to help drive users to your brand’s product or direct message. It’s also helpful to note that the attention paid to millennials and
Generation Z is no accident: as the future spenders of our world, we must be tuned into what they’re interested in and how they’re consuming their content so that we can best reach them during their prime spending windows.

While I wish that Zoho had a little bit more research and insights into how to best deliver our brand’s messages, it’s still certainly an effective tool in reaching our target audience as well as our future target audience.

One of the benefits of having this program was our ability to hire a consultant to help us figure out some of our pain points and kinks we’ve been working around to fit our needs. One company may need more help and concentration in certain departments over others; for us,
driving sales was our primary focus, so our consultant was able to customize our program portfolio so that our needs would be met as best as possible. We also found that if we voiced our found roadblocks, they could be addressed and resolved due to the consultant’s expertise.

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