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Zoho Automation: Is it Worth It?

Your business is a constantly moving vehicle, with continuous updates, enhancements, and ebbs and flows. You have several departments that work together and rely on one another to get projects completed and out the door. You have dozens of employees collaborating on one pitch, and another dozen working on the post-sales processes. With all this in mind, it can be stressful to think about all these moving parts and any human error that might take place along the way. While these mistakes are inevitable despite your personnels’ attention to detail and care for the job, you might be considering ways to avoid these errors to more properly deliver on client expectations and the continued growth of your business.

Technology is here to help us, to guide us, and to better connect us with one another. It aids in speed, clarity, and quality. In this instance, utilizing a CRM software to help manage your business’s daily tasks can help alleviate time pressure and deadline crunches. More specifically, the Zoho CRM program has the ability to automate specific workflows. There are many benefits to this, and you’ll see why.

Why Zoho Automation Benefits Your Company

Again, no matter how skilled, attentive, or dedicated your team members are, process steps slip through the cracks. Deadlines are missed. Most businesses go through different times of the year when they’re busier than others, which means there will be multiple projects being worked on at once, which equates to several overlapping deadlines, a set of different deliverables, and various headcounts working on each one. This can be overwhelming for any kind of employee, so having a system in place within the Zoho CRM platform that help streamline this chaos will avoid oversights and potential mistakes.

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  1. Available Time

The time of your employees is incredibly valuable, as you hired them for their specific talents, training, and expertise. At this stage in our society, if any of them are spending their time doing tedious data entry to maintain the simple movement of a process, you’re wasting their time as well as the talent you hired them for. By setting up workflow automations, you can be sure that it allows them the time to do what you hired them to do.

  1. Avoid Human Errors

Oversights and simple mistakes are inevitable no matter what; they simply just happen. With an automation system in place, however, you drastically reduce the chances of these oversights happen. The program is designed to alert each team member of upcoming deadlines, immediate required deliverables, or even updates in contact or communication. By having these notifications established, your employees will be able to stress less about missing anything crucial and focus more on producing high quality work.

  1. More External Field Time

Just as much as technology can help us and connect us, it can also simultaneously bridge us from who we want to connect with. The more we’re behind our screens, the less facetime we have with our existing partners and even more so with our potential clients. Zoho Automation allows your sales and marketing teams extra time so that they can focus on what’s truly important: enhancing relationships with their clients, listening to the marketplace trends, and understanding the behaviors of your competitors. With this freed time that automation allows, your brand will be sure to generate more noise in the market.

Again, if used strategically and properly, technology is here to help us and to guide us in expanding our business operations. Zoho CRM allows your multiple departments to work more intimately and efficiently with one another with the automation allowance. Instead of relying on email correspondence and minutes from prior meetings, this system capability provides an eagle-eye view of the project as a whole so that every single team member is aware of the full scope of the assignment. From sales and marketing to pricing and yield, every necessary department will be aware of what’s expected from each individual.

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More Zoho CRM Workflow Automation Advantages

  1. Testers are involved

Hesitance is a common delay when it comes to deciding on a program to implement within your business. Developing an automation system for your company can be intimidating since there’s quite a significant overhaul in practice, and training your entire staff to change their habits can be difficult. The great part of this, however, is that Zoho uses testers to ensure that the delivery of the program is efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. This means that instead of just going from programmer to company, Zoho trusts that its testers think like consumers and expect certain requirements.

  1. Zoho offers consultant and expert help

Training your company to change their habits and what they’re used to can be painful and may be met with some disdain. Even if you’re the head of the company, it can be intimidating to fully trust a brand new process, especially one that relies so heavily on technology. To ease that worry, however, Zoho also offers expert and precise consultant help for both the onboarding process as well as the ongoing implementation process. It’s meant to be user-friendly and adhere to the expectations of the average company, so rest assured that you can find an expert in your area that can help assist in transitioning your company into the automation world.

Making the grand decision to utilize a CRM software program that allows for workflow automation can be a tricky one, but Zoho has a deep understanding of its consumers and how each business model desires to reach their success. Automating workflow saves time, avoids human mistakes, and allows for complete internal transparency between teams. Most importantly, Zoho automation allows your external-facing teams to spend more time in the field, enhancing their client relationships, spreading brand awareness, and keeping an ear to the ground to monitor the marketplace behaviors. In today’s constantly connected world, taking control back of the person-to-person meeting is more valuable than ever.

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