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A few years ago, there used to be a time when we all used to work from our officers with all our friends. However, with the onset of the pandemic, we were all forced to work from remote locations at our homes. We were all forced to look out for different remote work tools to ensure that we could keep up with the same level of productivity as earlier.

With the recent pandemic, many Industries, apart from the IBN telecommunications sectors, have become heavily reliant on remote work tools to take care of their business requirements.

Why is it that enterprises prefer to use remote access Solutions? What are the advantages are the benefits that they face that allow them to utilize these tools quickly? With remote work tools, coming in to pay everyone working from different locations. It is not easy for users to quickly start a remote support session, using Zoho assist, send out a link to the user, have them join the session. and once connected, they could easily collect a remote support session, take care of the solution for the user and ensure that their issue was sorted out

The ability for users to start sessions immediately and connect with others at any given time improves overall response time as well. So you’re able to easily satisfy your customers with immediate assistance and reduce the total average response time. This would, in turn, improve your employees’ satisfaction with being serviced by the technician.

The anytime availability of resources makes it easy for technicians to switch to remote tools easily, and the immediate assistance or support is provided by them makes it a very hassle-free environment for the customers or the end-users. So this option is preferred compared to going physically all the way to a location.

Moreover, Zoho assist is a cloud-based remote support tool. Meaning it does not require any physical or manual installations prior. It is easy for most organizations to quickly adapt to the Zoho assist application, and Implement them on their organization end. They easily have the users switch to a product.

Over a remote session when the technician is actually working on the customers’ device. The customer also tests to see all the options being done by them.

In general, users have a better overall experience, and the Enterprises feel that having a remote access solution available at any time gives a competitive edge for them over the rest of the competition.

Key Modules That Are Available in Zoho Assist.

There are two main modules in Zoho assist, on-demand remote support sessions, and unattended remote access sessions. How about these two scenarios of modules different and which scenario would be suited, for which particular event.

Remote Support Module

Consider this scenario where you are a remote support technician, providing support to any customer that approaches you and requests for your Help with their device. So you need a one-time session so that you can connect with their device fix any of the issues that they might be facing on the device. And once you’re done with that particular customer’s request, you no longer need access to the device, and you are no longer required to provide support for them. So you just need a one-time session with such a user, and once that is done, you are no longer going to be connected with that user. So, in such a scenario, you can make use of the remote support body. Limbs of a cyst, whereby you

To perform this function, all that the technician needs is to simply log in to Zoho assist, and right away, they’ll be presented with the remote support tab with the option of a start now, allowing them to start a remote session.

The moment a technician clicks on start now; the technician will be presented with the option to invite the users to join the session.

There are four ways in which the technician can invite the end-user, the user could visit join.zoho.com and then enter the session ID to join the session, or you could simply copy the invite link and share it with the end-user. Or invite them via email or SMS. If you have a custom domain setup, there’s an option where you could customize the join.zoho.com URL to a convenient one.

Unattended Remote Access

let’s say you’ve got servers all across the globe, you’ve got different locations with different servers, and you need to have a connection to these devices any time you need. However, you’re not going to have someone present with the device.

Looking at the present remote working situation, we all have our devices in our office location and say you need to access your office devices from a remote location from home or a different location. This is where the unattended remote access module in Zoho assist comes into play. In Zoho assist unattended access module allows you to configure a computer prior to when you’ll need it so that you can access it anytime you need, provided that the computer is turned on and connected to the internet.

As long as the device is turned on and connected to the internet, the device will be listed under the user Zoho Assist console, and you will be able to connect to the device immediately.

Device Configuration

There are multiple methods by which you could configure devices. There is a direct installation method script available for a start-up scenario. We’ve got deployment methods available based on either a domain or a workgroup. So the super admin or the technicians utilize any of these methods to set up their devices. And once set up, any technician who is given access to the unattended devices will be able to access them anytime they need.

Accessing Unattended Device

To access your unattended devices, all the technician needs to do is simply log in to assist.zoho.com with a user account. Once logged in, they can click on the unattended access tab. They will find all the list of devices listed under their account. r

Connecting an Unattended Device

Once a user identifies the device they want to connect to, they can simply click on the join button right beside a device, and when they do, that connection with the remote device would be established, allowing them to connect to the device and work on it remotely.

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