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Zoho Analytics: Measurement for Success

Zoho Analytics

Living in a digital-focused time has proven to show benefits for us, both as consumers as well as business-minded individuals. We’re now used to having access to immediate answers and data points at our literal fingertips in a matter of seconds – and we can connect with one another in an instant across what seems like an infinite number of platforms and applications. With this great advancement and connectivity, however, comes great responsibility to use this very digital advancement to understand our performance as a business.

Because our digital landscape has opened up channels for new business models and new platforms to come to the digital marketplace, the competitive space has never been tighter. This means your strategies must be top-notch to not only rise above your competition but ensure that your messaging reaches your target audience as organically and efficiently as possible.

This is where and when it is imperative to ensure that you’re implementing all of the available resources to learn from your strategies to continue to improve and innovate. While the digital world has gifted us endless bounty, your business must do its part with these gifts and use the available data to analyze performance, impact, and consumer feedback around your marketing campaigns.

Introducing Zoho Analytics

What’s great about the digital space is its limitless capabilities and what it can do, especially as technology continues to advance and innovates. You should most definitely be utilizing these advanced capabilities when it comes to measuring your marketing campaign performance and other metrics to help you understand how your efforts are comparing to industry and market benchmarks. Keeping an ear to this will not only ensure that you’re investing your time and funds wisely but also that you’re reaching your target audience as efficiently as possible.

This is where Zoho Analytics comes in. In order to improve and grow as a business, you need to have the tools in place that informs, alerts, and visualizes in ways that will allow your teams to be more strategic. With advanced capabilities available, your sales teams and all the departments that support them will stay informed while tracking performance, analyzing growth data, and looking ahead to expected revenue and estimated improvement.

There are a ton of key benefits to using this tool, but here are just a few to kick things off:

  • Flexible data construction
    There are an infinite number of ways to look at data once you have it – and the more tactics you’re measuring, the more robust those options become. Depending on your business, your industry, or even the time of year, only your internal teams will know what kind of measurement and analyses will benefit your business the most. Zoho Analytics allows your experts to customize your dashboards so you can pick and choose what data is considered necessary to measure, and with the ability to utilize cross-department insights to enhance your overall reporting, your analyses will only become more accurate over time. From sales and marketing to C-Suite and finance, all of your departments will be able to contribute to this performance data and just as much benefit from the eventual output.
  • Choose your display and preferences
    Your data will be in a consistent state of change, and the more you utilize Zoho Analytics, the more you’ll be able to customize the platform to fit your needs as you see fit. You’ll be able to not only customize the dashboards to cater to your needs per department, but you can also enhance the data story with different kinds of visuals and representation to tell a greater and stronger go-to-market strategy and story. With a drag-and-drop interface, these customizations are easy and user-friendly to cater to every specific need.
  • Zia connectivity capability
    Voice technology is now in a place where it is no longer a stranger to us – both as consumers and as businesses. As our schedules become more demanding of us and our devices continue to keep us on time, we’re relying on voice technology more than ever. Zia allows your Zoho users to stay in-tune with this technology while they’re on the go and in between meetings. Zia can also connect to your Zoho Analytics application so that your road team can get these up-to-the-minute insights no matter where they are in an instant. Not only will this knowledge establish your business as innovative in the marketplace, but you’ll benefit from being able to showcase real-time technology use, communicating that your business is staying educated and knowledgeable about what’s new in market.
  • Instant internal collaboration
    Cloud technology has truly shifted the way internal productivity is achieved, as heightened collaboration and seamless communication have sped up processes and moved project delivery more efficiently and effectively. Zoho Analytics is just another example of a platform that utilizes this same collaboration effort, as teams can communicate across departments about interesting finds, request for additional insight, or to just share information. This visibility will allow for your teams to receive important recognition but also provide valuable education across your business.
  • Multiple device capabilities
    Just as with practically everything in our world nowadays, there’s a universal expectation that functionality should be capable across all of our devices. With connectivity everywhere we are and technology advancing by the minute, Zoho Analytics also suits your needs no matter what device you’re using – meaning that you’ll be able to access these insights in the middle of a meeting, in preparation of a client presentation, or just brushing up on what might be interesting – no matter where you are. This helps move your business in an increased trajectory while also positioning it as innovative and informed.

    Zoho Analytics is the tool that helps keep your company and your business relevant in the 21st century, and it also allows your teams to be in a constant state of learning and education. As this technology continues to advance over time, Zoho Analytics will educate your teams on how to stay competitive while informing them on what’s working for the future.