Zoho Analytics: Measurement for Success

Zoho Analytics

How your team measures success is different from everyone else. Measuring that success requires a lot of data that is constantly changing, and often, the analytical part of that process can be personal or even subjective. With Zoho Analytics, however, your teams can rest assured that the reports that are derived from the data that you input are objective, factual, and can help you arrive at strategic conclusions.

Not only does this application provide analytical data that is easy to understand in visually stunning charts and graphs, but it does it by also integrating with any other Zoho products that the rest of your teams use to get a more robust understanding of marketing success, financial success, brand awareness, and so on. All of the reports that Zoho Analytics provide can be accessed at any moment and from any device so that any team member can generate knowledgeable and educated conclusions that can help drive higher success rates for their specific arms of the business. Here are just a few benefits of using Zoho Analytics for your company. 

  • Transform your data into useful information you didn’t know you had

Measuring the success of a business can mean so many things – revenue growth, employee retention, brand awareness, profit, scale, and so on. It’s impossible to pinpoint success to just one of those things, so it’s crucial that your company is measuring all sorts of data points to understand all metrics of success. Over time, when looking at that data, especially since it changes constantly and sometimes drastically, it can be difficult to look at the hard data and understand what the overall story is. Translating that data into a story not only takes time, but it allows for human error. With Zoho Analytics, the platform automatically takes all of the data points that you’re collecting and creating visual stories for your company to understand. You’ll be able to see growth over time, reach within a geographical area, brand exposure rates, revenue trends, and so much more. Your teams will be able to customize this element of the product so that you can see the stories you want and uncover stories that you didn’t think to measure. All of this will help your specific departments understand and identify areas of success and areas of improvement as they relate to your overall company goals.

  • Generate consolidated data reports from multiple resources

Every department that makes up your company utilizes a range of tools and platforms that make their jobs more efficient and strategic. From email distributors for your marketing team to accounting software for your financial team, all of these tools that are integrated within your company’s portfolio hold tremendous value and data that your performance team can use. By pulling all of this data together, Zoho Analytics can blend it all together to create even more impactful reporting systems based off data that already exists in the platforms that other teams are using. This will deliver more in-depth analysis and help you arrive at more strategic solutions for your company to move forward with and implement for the future.

  • Customize your data’s display to fit what makes the most sense

Depending on how you choose to use this data, you may want to have several options available when it comes to showcasing your analytics. If you’re sharing internally, you may choose to include incredible detail and in-depth features that help drive the conclusions home to those with whom you’re sharing this data. If you’re sharing this in an external fashion, you probably want to be a bit less generous with the information and choose to display it in a more high-level form. Regardless of what you need, Zoho Analytics allows you to choose how you display the data so that you can customize it based on your specific need. This gives you the power over what is shared and what you choose to keep for internal eyes and reference only.

  • Benefit from AI analytics instantly

There may be times when you need information in an instant and don’t have the luxury of time of understanding the hard data or sifting through your options. This is when Zia, the Zoho artificial intelligent assistant, can help. By asking direct questions about data, it will spit out the results in a visual representation so you can find the conclusion right away. This is especially helpful for those that are on-the-go or facing a tight deadline and need to deliver answers immediately.

  • Share data with teams that can utilize to generate growth and depict stories

There also may be times when other teams ask your performance team to pull specific data or reports for custom needs. When your performance team needs to share these reports, Zoho Analytics will allow the team to share directly with those individuals and hold digital conversations within the document in the event there is a text story to share or just to engage in a question-and-answer session in real-time.

  • Brand your data in a way that is useful and memorable

If there’s a reason that your company wants to take your data analyzation one step further and expand it to your website, there’s also an option for you to create your BI tool in your own company brand. This will heighten your brand’s transparency by bringing this hard data forward to those that would be interested in obtaining it in real-time. This is easy to build, and it allows for your performance team to feel confident in the data that they’ve chosen to highlight and how they present it externally.

  • Mobile friendly for those on-the-go

Whether you’re going from meeting to meeting, working from home, or waiting for a crucial report over the weekend, your teams can easily access Zoho Analytics from their mobile devices. Having this capability will ensure that not only will your teams have access to them at all times, but they’ll be able to answer questions in the middle of the meeting with confidence and fact. 

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