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Your Zoho CRM and Mobile Development

Do you remember the time when smartphones first became a mainstream and pretty common commodity within our world? Do you remember when everyone was shouting, “There’s an app for that!” at every possible chance? Before mobile apps defined and helped streamline our current way of life, it’s important to keep in mind how our digital world worked when apps were first introduced. Companies had to rely on their physical retail locations or their online destinations for consumer access. When app availability came around, however, conducting business completely changed. Now businesses and brands have to market and sell their company’s mobile app to stay relevant, and updating them on a regular basis is now often a full department within a company.

If your company has been considering the development of a mobile app, your Zoho CRM can help manage the process and implementation so that all of your internal teams can stay up-to-date with developments, changes, deadlines, and updates.

Mobile SDK for Zoho CRM

It may feel intimidating to venture into this platform, especially when your business is involved, but developing your company’s app can indeed be done without the help of professional developers. Software development kits (SDKs) are the essential tools that one needs to create these mobile applications, and depending on your industry, intent, or interactivity goals are, you can essentially completely customize and control how your app is developed and designed.

Your internal technology or digital teams will probably have some familiarity with this kind of development, so it’s a great idea to consult with them during the beginning stages. Since the internet is so user-intuitive now, it’s also important to know and follow the proper security channels to ensure your product isn’t alienating or betraying your users. With ad targeting and voice listening, we can learn so much about our consumers now, which means that these same consumers also have an engrained fear of what we may know about them.

Your Zoho CRM and Mobile Development

Privacy is of course a paramount concern when it comes to managing an online presence, both for your company and for your personal life. By using Zoho CRM to develop your app, you can ensure that the information of the mobile app users will remain secure. Since the data is coming straight from the user to the Zoho CRM system, there are no other “middle men” or secondary channels for the information to funnel through, meaning your users will be interacting with your company independently.

iOS and Android Functionalities

Of course, as technology advances, there are tons of options available when it comes to staying updated and informed. It seems that every time we turn around, there’s a newer and better product on the market. There’s a slimmer smart TV or a bigger iPhone; there’s a more interactive smartwatch or a better social platform. As our smartphones have now become a normal way of life for the majority of our society, we can now comfortably group our devices into either an iOS or an Android. Just like a Mac and PC, these differentiations help us streamline our conversations when it comes to our technology conversational tone and direction.

Zoho has honored these options by developing the app relationship with both iOS and Android so your teams will be able to utilize the technology no matter what device they have on their person. The information will be accessible and won’t be lost in translation on any device, and just as importantly, the communication between device and Zoho CRM program will be just as seamless.

Internal Mobile Distribution

Once your company’s mobile application is developed and ready to hit the “market,” it might make sense that the next step is hosting the app in the App Store within the device. The problem with this is then of course it’s available to certainly everyone that has access to this store. While the chances are high that the general public won’t be interested in the innerworkings of your company, you still don’t want to take the chance of making your internal business operations public. Plus, when you think about it from a competitive standpoint, you really don’t want to make your business vulnerable. Keeping your company’s app off the public app store is the best bet.

So then how do you provide the application accessibility to your team members? Zoho understands the importance of keeping your data and access secure, so within your customized Zoho CRM, your team members will be able to upload the application from there. This also helps to ensure that only approved members gain access, which will also instill further confidence within your organization.

Your Zoho CRM and Mobile Development

Bottom Line

Managing your business on-the-go is a style that is essentially now a requirement in order to stay relevant. The marketplace, no matter your industry, only continues to grow more and more competitive, which means that a matter of hours can translate into missed sales to your biggest competitor. As we’ve evolved from the traditional Monday through Friday 9-5 program, we must similarly adjust to a way of life in which we’re doing these operations on our handheld device anywhere we are.

Bringing your company into Zoho’s CRM program means that your daily operations can be digitized and streamlined, meaning less human error and more time and money saved. This extra effort can then be translated into more ideation on brand awareness, more facetime with potential clients (ironically a lost art in these digital days), and a more cohesive way to work with all the teams within your company’s structure.

Your customized Zoho CRM will help you manage your mobile application extension so that all teams involved won’t miss any updates, communication steps, or even deadlines. The biggest benefit to using the mobile application is that you continue to maintain your company’s relevance and attention to our digital era. You won’t risk falling behind, and your clients will appreciate that your company continues to grow, educate, and thrive.

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