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WooCommerce Integration with Zoho CRM

It’s no secret that the Internet has completely changed the ways in which we operate. We can absorb our news immediately instead of waiting for the evening news or the morning paper. We can connect with people all over the world with just a swipe of our finger. We can grocery shop while we’re on our way to work, and we can purchase regular household goods away from any retailer. While this model has forced many industries to change the way in which they conduct their business, it also means that other businesses can consider themselves as a winner in the space.

When we think about how this has all changed so quickly over the past couple of years, it’s amazing to think about all the new opportunities your business can have. Even traditional advertising has changed – we now look to social media and influencers to help us sell our products and broaden our brand awareness. We have to rethink how we reach our consumers – instead of talking at them, we’re talking with them. Instead of telling them what they want, we ask them what they want.

This model means that your company must also pay attention to this new way of business operations. Consumers, particularly the millennial and Generation Z mindsets, look for missions that mean something to them, those that give back and have a greater message than just “sell.” That’s why voice matters more now than it ever has before.

girl in yellow sweater looking over shoulder in office setting in front of computer thinking about missionIf your company is a transactional one, looking to sell products, experiences, or information, you most likely already know that ecommerce has gobbled traditional retailers. Having an online presence for users to interact with your products and your brand will have a lasting effect on the likelihood of their revisit to their site and your products.

WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform for building an online store, which is why it makes the most sense that Zoho CRM now offers an integration with the successful platform.

Benefits of This Integration

  • Expand your reach: now that our world is digital-driven, you can start thinking globally as it relates to your business operations. There of course comes additional work on the backend to see through this goal, but with the ability to use WooCommerce as your digital seller for products, you can easily expand your brand’s reach and awareness to beyond just the United States.
  • Trust a leader: there’s something that can be said for a brand and a company that ranks #1 amidst its competitors. It shows that they’re doing something right, and that they know what their users want. With this integration available with Zoho CRM, you can implement this tool within your suite of capabilities and trust that your teams will be able to utilize the platform easily and smoothly.
  • Additional extensions: just like Zoho CRM, WooCommerce understands the power of relationships and brand trust. They’ve partnered with powerful companies that help them elevate their message and their own professional goals, which means that for you and your company, you’ll also be able to utilize these additional platforms to help broaden your message and reach a greater audience
  • Human connection: it’s incredible to think that the abandonment of the physical act of in-person shopping has now turned into online shopping; somehow along the way, we’ve gotten used to making the majority of our purchases through our devices. As scary as this might be, it’s also calming to know that WooCommerce is still ultimately backed by humans so that entire business plan will be supported by engineers that are just as passionate about making your business a success as you are. This will also help remind your employees of this very idea, so when they’re following process on their end via Zoho CRM and the WooCommerce integration, they’ll feel better knowing that their efforts won’t be overlooked.

two businessmen sit in fancy coffee shop sharing ideas about human interaction​The Integration Process

Similar to other platform integrations, there are benefits to using Zoho CRM with WooCommerce. Instead of worrying about duplicating data entry efforts or having to manually sync information, your teams will feel better knowing that the synchronization will help expedite their processes while simultaneously making it easier and more efficient. Users will be able to go into either platform and make changes, and both platforms will ultimately see those changes in real-time.

When it comes time to the actual integration, you can also rest assured that the installation process is simple. Zoho CRM understands that the whole reason your company is integrating the two platforms is to see results that equate to a stronger business model for your company. If you do encounter difficulty, it’s also helpful to know that Zoho has many resources available to help you through the transition process. It can be valuable to seek the help of a consultant, but if you prefer to be more independent, there are online resources and professionals that can help assist with the transition or any kind of troubleshooting.

Ultimately, Zoho is there to make the implementation process as seamless as possible so that your company can continue moving without losing anything valuable in the shuffle. Also keep in mind that there are tons of other companies out there using the same services, so many probably have had similar questions or concerns that you may have had. The community message boards will help resolve those issues in a personal and efficient way.

Final Thoughts

It’s a common misconception to think about ecommerce as “set it and forget it,” as though it’s a self-operating machine of supply and demand. It’s more important to think of it as an extension of your brand and how you can reach more consumers with your messaging. With the integration of Zoho CRM and WooCommerce, you and your company can easily bridge any gap that may be missing as it relates to getting your products into more mission-conscious hands. Listening to those consumer voices will not only help generate revenue and build your brand, but it will elevate it.

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