WooCommerce Zoho Integration

WooCommerce and Zoho Integration

WooCommerce will be integrated with Zoho crm/books/inventory. In this integration:

– The purchaser information will be sent to Zoho CRM/Books

– If the contact/account does not already exist in Zoho, we will create it

– If the contact/account does exist, we only add the Sales Order to the contact in zoho Books. (Then this will sync with Zoho CRM and Zoho Inventory). SKU’s sync between Woocommerce and Zoho CRM

– If the person who places the order matches with an existing lead in the CRM, then convert the lead via API to Contact/Account. Then, create the Contact/Account in Zoho Books and add the Sales Order to it

– The Sales Order will contain the order that was possessed by wooCommerce

– All products purchased and their specifications are line items in the SalesOrder

– Sales Orders will be shown/listed under contacts/accounts in CRM

Zoho Integration with WooCommerce bring all your orders including customer and item information to Zoho platform in real-time.

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