Why 2020 is the Best Time for a Zoho Integration

We might be a bit tired when it comes to talking about all twists and turns that 2020 presented us, but for the perspective of your business, it’s crucial to talk about innovation and resilience. Depending on your industry and location of your organization, adapting to the restrictions of the pandemic was likely difficult and worrisome. For the sales consideration, it became a question of “how can we make these personal connections when we can’t even leave our homes?” For marketing, it became a question of, “is now really the time to pushing out our messaging strategies when there’s so much larger stuff going on?”

No matter how your company responded to the pandemic and how you’ve adapted to the ever-changing protocols, it’s important to reflect on how the pandemic forced your organization to be resilient, ready to learn and adapt, and to be prepared for anything. We continue to live and work in an uncertain time, but it’s important to continue thinking ahead.

Your Zoho CRM is there to help your business establish a model that works for your organization in the now as well as for the future. With a wide range of options that will bring your organization to a level of comfort for current remote work and future possibilities, Zoho CRM is there to help your business, no matter what comes next. Here are just a few initial applications to consider if you’re thinking about moving to a Zoho CRM integration for your business.

  • Zoho Classes

Regardless if your company is in the educational field or not, this is an opportunity to consider for your organization no matter what. Because the pandemic truly turned situations upside down for many industries, companies, and employees, many are starting to consider what their next steps are. Some individuals might be exploring a career change, while others might be thinking about going back to school. If you want to retain your employees and encourage exploration and options, this is a tool that could work for you. Work with your HR department to see what kind of training options are available if your current employees are thinking about a shift or what to be prepared. Ongoing learning and education is always encouraged and supported, and Zoho Classes is a platform that will support this virtual learning experience. Prep your teams to stay current about market behaviors and shifts, host training sessions on other department capabilities and expertise, or simply encourage others to share external webinars that they’ve found helpful that keep them updated and educated. In a time like this, it never hurts to be prepared and knowledgeable.

Why 2020 Is The Best Time For A Zoho Integration
  • Zoho Remote Sales Office

Adjusting to a completely different working system looks different for every organization. Location, industry, size – it all depends on how companies have adapted to a remote atmosphere. Because Zoho is a top-line product for companies all over the world that rely on digital and virtual innovation, the productivity software provider saw the opportunity to be there for businesses that may not have been ready for this kind of change. This particular suite of tools is designed to ease businesses into the practice of virtual work without disruption to projects or flow. The Zoho Remote Sales Office provides quick experiences for businesses that need a quick foot in the remote work door. These included applications are easy to adapt to and introduce to your teams and require little ramp-up time. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s included:

  • Zoho Meeting

Since many groups can no longer congregate in conference rooms to hold meetings or travel to agencies to share presentations, Zoho Meeting is a virtual solution. With Zoho Meeting, your teams will be able to coordinate internal meetings across departments, hold virtual calls with vendors or clients, and even share important presentations without needing to travel or leave your remote office location. The platform has additional capabilities, including chat, file sharing, screensharing, and even the ability to create and analyze polls throughout the meeting to obtain real-time insights around the content. This is a great solution to holding in-person meetings, as it actually cuts down on travel time while keeping all attendees safe.

Why 2020 Is The Best Time For A Zoho Integration | Boosted Crm
  • Zoho Cliq

Because we’re losing out on the value of quick office chats or watercooler updates, your team members might feel a certain sense of disconnection with their coworkers. This disconnect might also have an impact on their project progression, as they’re not able to obtain quick tidbits throughout the day. Instead of making phone calls or cluttering inboxes with even more emails, Zoho Cliq provides a quick and easy solution for immediate communication. This professional take on instant messaging allows you to be in contact with team members in an instant, allowing your team members to provide answers quickly and easily. There’s also the ability to send files, chat with a group for even greater visibility, or even video chat for a quick hash-out. This can help bring your teams to closer communication and keep projects on track.

  • Zoho ShowTime

In any industry, presentations likely come with the job – whether sales and marketing are putting together a client presentation or your HR team is collaborating on a training session, Zoho ShowTime allows collaborators to work on these projects together in real-time so that the end result is achieved faster and more efficiently. Additionally, this product allows your team leads the ability to track and monitor performance and other key metrics to better determine what worked well throughout the presentation. This high-level information can then be analyzed and integrated into future decisions for internal and external presentations.

2020 was a time to exercise your organization’s ability to adapt and display resiliency. No matter how seasoned your company already was in virtual or remote work, it was a big-time adjustment that required dedication, patience, and commitment. Zoho CRM helps keep your teams innovative, strategic, and collaborative, and there’s never been a better time to enhance that togetherness and continue strengthening your company’s resilience.

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