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Using the Zoho CRM Client Portal

One of the universal struggles that practically every business faces is connecting with its clients and partners on meaningful levels. This can be attributed to many different factors of our time. With advanced technology, we’re able to communicate at any time from any platform, but the ease of this communication also means that there’s less face-time and in-person meetings. As a result of this advanced technology, businesses are often easier to greenlight, meaning that the competitive marketplace might be getting more congested, which might equate to lower visibility with your prospective or even current clients. It’s easy to get lost amidst the competition, and the pressure to stay relevant can be detrimental to your business.

All of these technological changes have helped advance so many business models, but they’ve also hurt and damaged just as many because ultimately, your clients still value connection and the human experience. It can be hard to sometimes achieve that connection because of the speed at which we’re all moving, but there are ways to bridge all of that so that you can still manage your business at the speed you want while not missing out on your professional connections and partnerships.

Transparency is key

One of the trends that we’re all seeing these days is a lack of honesty when it comes to business operations. Again, technology has allowed us to advance in incredible ways, but it’s also allowed windows for cheating and going against what’s ethical and moral. Your customers and partners don’t want to be duped, and Zoho CRM recognizes this. As a result, Zoho CRM has created a portal for your external parties to access, and your customers and partners canfeel at ease by having the ability to access information from their end.Setting this up for your clients will surely elevate your business above your competitors since it allows your partners to trust you, showing them that you are being honest and truthful about your operations. Having this established also means that they’ll likely share the word about their partnership with your business, spreading the good fortune about your company’s name in the rest of the marketplace.

Make it easy for your customers

Depending on the line of business that your company is in, you can also alter the portal to satisfy user demands by means of self-service. By setting up the portal to allow for your customers to essentially do their own ordering, they can feel as though they’re in charge of what they need without feeling as though they were being “sold to.” With this built-in service, your customers will also come back for future orders, and again, your brand awareness will more than likely increase since they’ll share their good experiences with others.

Additionally, for those that prefer to purchase at their own leisure, you’ll find that you have more time to spend with prospective customers. You won’t have to invest your time and energy on these existing customers, so you’ll have the opportunity to get more face-time in with those that are not yet customers of your business. This found time also means greater and better lead generation.

Unique and customizable

Zoho CRM understands that each business holds different goals and measures of success, which is why the platform allows for complete customization for you and your internal teams. This is really important since these portals are meant for external use for your clients, partners, and vendors. Each, of course, will be different, and each will have different requirements and expectations.

One of the greatest aspects of these portals is the ability to make it as intuitive as possible so that your external parties won’t feel alienated – which is the essential main idea behind these portals. In the world of depersonalization and a time in which we’re all stuck behind screens, it’s difficult to make that human-to-human connection anymore. While these portals are still a digital connection, having that link directly to your business allows room for trust and understanding for your partners.

Expedite your processes

As we continue to evolve as a digital world, we have to be constantly examining how we’re implementing our processes on a regular basis. New technology, communication strategies, or even business models are always keeping us on our feet. By creating a portal for your vendors to collaborate with you, all teams involved can benefit from time saved. Instead of holding status calls or meetings, both parties can utilize the portal to make updates, make transactions, or identify issues right away.

four people sitting at coffee shop early in the morning talking about business plans and sharing ideasAgain, this portal allows for transparency and advanced trust between both parties, further deepening the relationship and enhancing partner value. Additionally, both parties save time, energy, and long-term effort in a process that can easily be executed in a shared platform. Having this portal will surely equate to future business, and again, greater brand awareness.

One of the main goals of Zoho CRM is to make life easier while simultaneously strengthening your business model both internally and externally. This CRM has created this portal system so that your relationships with your clients, vendors, and customers will deepen and prove sustainable for the future. As our business world is constantly evolving, we have to do everything we can to continue building a valuable relationship with those that make our businesses possible.

Human connection is often overlooked when it comes to business, and this only becomes more evident as our technology advances and our communication platforms increase in numbers and ways. The portals within Zoho CRM essentially open the doors for the other businesses to come in and have a look around, to show them that they’re trusted partners, vendors, and customers. This window to the business brings about the human element that is often missed, and it allows you and your company to make an impact to the other partnerships that you hold, bringing about deeper and more meaningful relationships and a more sustainable future with them.

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