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Using the Community Resource for Your Zoho CRM

Our reliance on technology and constant communication has completely transformed how we conduct business. Instead of waiting until Monday to respond to emails or missed calls, we now have the devices that allow us to operate our tasks remotely and at any time of the day. With this digital shift influencing our business strategies, it’s only natural that we have to reconsider how we manage our duties behind-the-scenes.

Utilizing a CRM system can help streamline your processes so that every team member within your company can save time and manpower. With automation as a feature, you can also drastically eliminate errors and mistakes due to missed deadlines or backed-up schedules. Zoho offers a tremendous CRM model that can be completely customized depending on your company’s needs or long-term desires. One of the main goals of Zoho’s CRM model is to enhance your sales numbers and generate extended revenue, so the blueprint of the CRM is designed to cater to those goals.

Once your company and team members adjust to the new software implementation, it’s important to keep your administrators and key stakeholders in regular routines of continuing education with the software program. Zoho knows that the process will take dedicated attention and awareness when it comes to upgrades, new features, or any kind of changes to the system, which is why there are tons of options for users to seek help, guidance, and general support.

Zoho CRM Community

Zoho has developed several ways in which this continued education can take place in interactive and engaging ways. This feature allows all kinds of users to connect with other people all over the world that use Zoho CRM and helps to bring new ideas together to enhance positive business strategies. Here are just a few ways in which you can engage with this community and enhance your Zoho CRM understandings.

Ask the Community

This is a great opportunity to post questions or concerns about the general usage possibilities to other users from all over the world. Similar to familiar social media platforms, your interaction will be with other users so that your experience will be intimate, personal, and honest. Since this is basically a discussion board, you can post any kind of inquiry here without fear of judgement or embarrassment—everyone else is there for the same reason!

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Ace the Zoho Quiz

This daily challenge will keep your Zoho CRM knowledge fresh and will also keep you entertained on those slower days. Another great advantage to this feature is that you’ll more than likely find out new information that you didn’t know about, so it’s a great and quick exercise that will keep your juices flowing and active.

Engage with your User Groups

If your focus as a company is on building and expanding brand awareness, you could consider creating a dedicated user group that brings others together with similar end goals. If generating revenue is a primary goal, you could create a group that includes other companies that are striving for more incoming finances. By developing these chat rooms, you can connect with others that have similar missions, and by talking with one another, you can learn more and find out how to enhance your overall business strategy.


While this option is of course entirely dependent on your geographic location, this is another great networking opportunity to learn more about your customized Zoho CRM and all of its uses. You can choose to explore meetups according to location, or if your company has the budget for travel, you can select meetups depending on the focus. As the Zoho community develops and expands, more and more meetups are being organized throughout the year, so you can easily find one that suits your particular interest.

Engage with the Community MVPs

Zoho has garnered a handful of expert Zoho users that have a successful background not only with the Zoho CRM platform but with their respective businesses. Having these “board members” available for a feel of executive presence gives the community arena validation and a feeling of security that their Zoho CRM experience can be backed up and secured.

Community Digest

In today’s world of go-go-go, it’s completely understandable that you may not be able to be as engaged with these Community divisions as you’d like. Again, Zoho knows this—after all, that is probably one of the reasons your company is using the Zoho CRM model in the first place. The Community Digest features a roundup of all the recent developments of the community in one spot. From new products announcements to upgrades to even useful discussion points, you can get a great resource for everything you need to know without missing anything new. So if time is a bit tight for your administrator or your key stakeholders, this is the best option for your company.

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When You Need Some Additional Help

Transitioning your company with new software can often be a struggle; onboarding all of your team members while also maintaining your business relationships can be stressful and may possibly require additional time and effort to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. In a competitive business world, any company can’t afford to lose business, big or small. That’s why Zoho has established a reliable network of Zoho consultants to help with this tricky period of time.

Each consultant has different backgrounds, areas of expertise, length of practice, and geographic location so you can rest assured that you can easily find one that will suit your needs. Once you have an idea of how you want your customized Zoho CRM to fit your needs, share this with your consultant so that he or she can craft the blueprint for you. From here, this consultant can help you and your teams transition successfully and as seamlessly as possible. Be sure to maintain positive contact with your consultant so that if you uncover questions as you go along and as your company grows, you can have a trusted expert to confide in.

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