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The Benefits of Integrating Slack with Your Zoho CRM

In today’s world, business moves a mile a minute. With our technology and the way we can connect with one another via so many different platforms and avenues, we can conduct our business in an entirely different way than say, just 20 years ago.

There was a time in which standard business was conducted Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Beyond that, in most industries, operations essentially stopped and were put on hold until the next hour of business. Emails waited until Monday, voicemails were filtered in the morning, and workflow was turned back on after a long holiday weekend. In today’s time, however, that traditional business model has evolved, and we’ve all realized that in order to ensure the success of our companies, we must adapt, reconstruct, and rethink.

As we approach 2019, let’s look at how that’s changed. The internet has allowed us to connect with others all over the world at all times through email, video conferencing technology, and our smart devices. The stigma of corresponding in the off-hours or during the weekend is now gone; business can be operated at any time of the day. This means that we must be open to the idea of being available at all times to mind the success of our business.

Zoho CRM helps streamline the processes and workflows of your business so that you can rest assured that steps won’t fall behind and deadlines won’t be missed. Your sales team will be alert of any new developments in their deals, and the rest of your departments will be kept in the loop in regards to the rest of the life of a deal. Zoho CRM works with your business at all hours of every day so that your clients receive the attention and dedication that they deserve without losing the personal touch that your company offers.

The Benefits of Integrating Slack with Your Zoho CRM

Why Slack for Your Zoho CRM?

Slack is a collaboration and communication hub, a place for your internal teams to interact with one another via an instant messenger platform. The capabilities of this tool continue to enhance as more and more companies utilize the virtual office. Not only will you be able to interact with your colleagues on an instant basis, but you can trade files from your own hard drive as well as through your other cloud-based storage systems.

The benefit of using Slack is that it saves incredible amounts of time. Instead of drafting a formal meeting request and coordinating time availability and even booking conference rooms, you can send your quick question through this platform and expect a close-to-immediate response. Since multi-tasking is a high-level job duty requirement these days for any position, Slack is perfect for getting quick answers without losing valuable time or requiring the time of others in outside departments.

How Slack Can Work for Your Business with Your Zoho CRM

Integrating Slack with your customized Zoho CRM platform can thoroughly enhance your daily business operations and workflows. As our world continues to become more enhanced and technologically developed, Slack and Zoho CRM can help your company keep up and maintain relevance and brand awareness.

Slack, of course, helps you receive information in an instant without interrupting workflow. You can draft group conversations with other members throughout your company, and there are even capabilities in which communities can be formed that relate to specific interests or projects. In addition to this simple capability, integrating Slack with your custom Zoho CRM can deliver many more functions for your business.

  • Share a record or report: Sometimes our email inbox can become clogged with the hundreds and perhaps thousands of messages we receive on a regular basis. It’s easy for important documents or reports to get buried amidst these emails, which is why Slack helps tremendously in keeping your document transmissions organized. Not only can you transfer these documents straight from your own hard drive, but you can also transmit them from your custom Zoho CRM storage system. By either sending links or direct click-throughs, your teammates can transfer valuable files in an instant, saving time and workflow steps. 
The Benefits of Integrating Slack with Your Zoho CRM


  • Add workflow activations: There are so many processes and procedures in place within every department of a company, and with the amount of multi-tasking each valuable personnel has to keep track of, it only makes sense to establish an automated workflow. With Zoho CRM helping you keep track of this, you can also streamline those actions and notifications within your Slack integration. This will send an immediate alert to the designated employee so nothing is missed or neglected.
  • Sync your communication tools: As wonderful as it is that we do have all these channels of communication, it can simultaneously be just as difficult to keep up and not miss anything. From emails and phone calls to text messages and social media communication, it truly can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Slack can help streamline these forms of communication by alerting you to incoming calls or messages, updating you on different stages of project completion within your Zoho CRM, and even allowing you to have the platform on your mobile device so that you truly don’t miss anything.

When You Need Additional Integration Help

One of the many benefits of using Zoho as your CRM is the consultant services it offers that help you and your company with the program integration. These experts are available to get your team activated and comfortable with all of the programs’ capabilities as well as ensure that the implementation goes smoothly.

Bottom Line

Business operations in today’s world have changed drastically due to the advancement of technology and our smart devices. Utilizing management programs that help streamline everyday business operations can keep your company in-the-know and successful. Zoho CRM will assist in those workflows, and with the additional integration of Slack, you and your teams can even better stay connected, meaning your sales and deals can be expedited, securing you the business you want to maintain and the business you want to grow.

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