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Social CRM and How It Can Grow Your Business

Once upon a time, social media used to be just a place where the youth would connect with one another to share class schedules and keep in touch with one another if distance was an issue. In its inception, it’s unlikely that many thought social media would eventually become a powerhouse in marketing, awareness, and even sales. It has shown to be a proven and powerful tool to develop leads, track behavior, and understand influence strategies.

Within a short period of time, social media became accessible to everyone, businesses included. Almost overnight, it became imperative for a business to have a social media presence to provide a place of community for its followers, allowing consumers to interact with a brand in an entirely new and innovative way. It brings a personal touch into a world in which we all now live behind screens.

So it’s crucial to ask and consider how social media can help build your brand awareness, drive leads, and ultimately translate that into incoming dollars.

Zoho CRM and Social 

In traditional marketing and sales, there are ways to track and identify leads to better establish a bigger sales funnel while simultaneously converting active leads. Now that social media has become a platform in heightening and strengthening these efforts, there have to be ways to incorporate this strategy into the marketing plans.

If your company already has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, the two platforms that have relationships with Zoho CRM, you can implement and integrate your marketing strategies through this portal. From social listening to engaging with these users, you can perform all these actions in the same hub and space as you perform your traditional sales prospecting and forecasting.

Social CRM and How It Can Grow Your Business

What’s even better is that if you do your business well, your social media presences can essentially do a lot of the work for you. Your users will be more likely to engage with your brands, which will only heighten your likability factor for prospective users. Based off these interactions on social, you can also transfer these happy customers into your leads so you can follow up with them to ensure a long-lasting relationship.

Bridge Social with Zoho CRM

Historically, since social media marketing is still a fairly new practice in theory, social media efforts were almost based similarly to grassroots efforts. Followings started small and personally, which eventually expanded due to networking and personal efforts. Now that social media is incredibly accessible and massively well-known, building a following does not require as much effort, and integrating those efforts into your business is easier than ever.

With Zoho CRM, you can merge your conversations into one place. You can customize your settings so that if someone mentions your handle or tags you in a conversation, you Social Tab in Zoho CRM will be alerted so you’ll know the next best steps for follow-through. You can even choose to have it set up so that each social media identity will have a designated location in your custom CRM build. This means you’ll know prior transactions, historical conversations, and additional personal information that is made public from their social media presences. This access removes the need for cold-calling or blank emailing efforts for a more personalized and modern way of connecting.

Learn What’s Working

If your brand is new or perhaps has a younger following, you’ll be able to create ongoing learning experiences as you build and enhance your social strategy. With listening streams accessible within your Zoho CRM, you can better understand what social marketing campaigns are working, what conversations are triggering engagement, and what seems to be driving the most leads. Millennials tend to be the focus for many businesses as target audiences or consumers, as they’re spending the most money right now. With that, it’s important to note that most individuals in this age group are digitally fluent, so they’re technologically sound but now how to cut through the clutter. You’ll need to establish how to reach them quickly, clearly, and efficiently.

Finding them on social will help them make a decision about your brand, which also includes whether or not they choose to share that engagement with their network and community. Millennials have defined this generation as those that recommend and ask for opinions before making a decision, so your company should keep this in mind while building and enhancing your social media presence. Maintaining a positive relationship with these consumers is the best way to guarantee a stronger awareness and approval rating.

The Power of Social

Our digital world has clearly allowed us to connect with one another in ways that we likely had never thought possible years ago. Our devices allow us to be constantly “with” one another, and our apps and social media platforms only help those conversations along. We can share content in an instant, and we can consume other people’s opinions and thoughts on practically everything. The internet is now much more than just the information highway – it’s the opinion highway.

Social media has undoubtedly brought people together. It has also created a space for businesses to not only promote but to broaden an audience base to channels and demographics that they may not have been able to reach prior. Plus, paying close attention to the social activity on your pages will help you refine your strategy, understand what’s working, and build a broader base for your sales team to prospect. If you need to work on your overall mission, you’ll find out through social. If you need to be more in tune with the community, you’ll find out through social.

Ultimately, Zoho CRM understands the incredible power that social media now has on a professional presence. By allowing these marketing strategies to integrate with your customized Zoho CRM, you can build a higher quality audience and better understand the group that you’re trying to most effectively reach. No matter the strategy you begin with, you’ll eventually identify the one that makes the most sense for you and your business with the help of Zoho CRM.

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