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Salesforce vs. Zoho CRM: A Side-by-Side Comparison

As your business grows and develops over time, you’ll need a process management system that follows the growth patterns of your company, and you’ll need a program that can keep up with all the processes that help your business along in a way that’s both efficient and intuitive. As our technological world continues to advance and evolve, having a system that can also adapt is crucial for your day-to-day processes. This also means that as we advance with our technology, you also have to cut through all the clutter to find out what works best for your company.

In the competitive landscape of CRM software systems, Salesforce and Zoho are often pitted against each other for what each can offer. This detailed comparison of the two programs will clearly highlight why Zoho CRM helps take your business relationships from simply existing to lasting and meaningful. If you’re also considering switching from Salesforce to Zoho, this will help you make the easy yet educated decision.

Inbuilt AI

If you’re thinking of switching from Salesforce to Zoho CRM, this is easily one of the clearest reasons. As with any kind of package, you have the opportunity to customize according to the features you’ll need, but you won’t have to worry about this with Zoho CRM, as this comes with any kind of program. As business relationships get more and more digital and less personal, it’s imperative to manage your communication as personally as possible. Included in this built-in AI bundle are the intuitive contact features, like alerts, conversation tools, and time management as it relates to connecting with your partners.

Additionally, the features included in the built-in AI also help bridge a prospect into a client with lead and deal predictors so your sales team can be better strategists and managers of their relationships. With an analytics feature as well, Zoho CRM can help your teams reach greater and more thorough understandings of the trends and market behaviors, all of which cannot be done with Salesforce.

Either these features are just simply not included with Saleforce or they cost additional fees.

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Again, depending on the size of your company and what your detailed needs are for your CRM platform, each case will be different. As both Zoho and Salesforce offer different packages to mirror these varying needs, they both also offer different pricing levels. In a side-by-side comparison of these editions, however, Zoho is more financially sound every time.

For a professional package, Zoho estimates a 73% cost savings compared to Salesforce. For an enterprise package, Zoho estimates a 77% cost savings compared to Salesforce. If your company requires an ultimate package, Zoho estimates a 67% cost savings compared to Salesforce, meaning that you can get more employees on your platform while also being more productive. Clearly, from a cost perspective, Zoho knocks it out of the park.

G Suite and Office 365 Integration

As more and more companies are switching over to G Suite for their professional communication and storage solutions, it’s crucial to point out that Zoho CRM offers the integration of this platform so that your day-to-day process and updates can be included in your management software. And of course, to help maintain your company’s productivity, Zoho CRM also allows Office 365 integration so that your teams can continue using the tools they already use on a regular basis and sync them with the CRM platform.

When looking at Salesforce, they do allow for these integrations as well, but the downside is that they charge additionally for these and also require third-party connectors in order to integrate. Not only does this add another step when you’re trying to be efficient, but it costs more in the long-term just to be able to use the tools that your company is already used to using.

Social media capabilities

It’s also no secret around the power of social media and how it can strengthen a company’s brand awareness and expand user reach. As the social media platforms continue to show significant growth and purchasing power, ensuring that your brand has a social media presence is now required as opposed to just being helpful. Zoho CRM includes a social media tab in its features so that your teams can easily access and reference your accounts for efficient outreach efforts. Salesforce again requires additional fees to activate this tool and also requires the integration with a marketing cloud, further complicating a process that is meant to be seamless and integrated.

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Data storage

Again, as technology continues to advance and evolve over time, we rely more and more on our devices and digital capabilities to store our information. The marketplace is learning that we all need plenty of data storage, especially as your company grows. Zoho CRM offers unlimited storage starting with the professional edition so that you’ll feel safe knowing that you won’t run out of space or capabilities as time goes on. Salesforce only offers limited data storage per user across all of their editions, which severely impacts productivity and user flow.

Ultimately, as your company grows and your internal teams require efficient productivity with each other as well as with your sales partners, you need to have a CRM platform that you can rely on, feel safe with, and simply put, not spend too much on. As the CRM marketplace continues to get more competitive, it’s imperative to do side-by-side comparisons like this to ensure you’re reaping all of the benefits from your program for the right amount of money.

By looking at what Zoho CRM has to offer in comparison to Salesforce, it’s clear that Zoho has a more attentive ear to what companies need to maintain productivity and reach the highest levels of efficiency. And as your company grows, Zoho CRM will be sure to grow with you so that every team member can easily adapt to match the change and feel confident in the company’s movement.

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