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Quickbooks Desktop Integration with Zoho CRM

No matter what industry your business is in, there are certain operations that must be performed in order to keep your company in motion. Taking care of your company’s expenses, incoming revenue, and overall cost is a large undertaking that your accounting and finance teams need to handle. In order to handle all of these operations, they must have programs and platforms accessible so that they can track these incoming and outgoing expenses.

As our technological systems continue to evolve and advance with time, your company must be able to keep up and follow suit with what this world is doing. These systems will not only allow your business to advance and excel, but they also offer your competitors to do the same. This means that your competitive marketplace will continue to present challenges to you and your teams, and not only will you need to keep up, but you’ll need to set your company and business up as a unique leader in the market.

Security and ease of use are two of the primary requirements when it comes to managing your finances through an accounting software. Not only will you need the peace of mind that all of your internal financial information will be secure internally, but you’ll also need to feel secure that your accounting team will feel confident enough to use the technology so that no processes fall through the cracks.

Zoho understands the use-case for accounting software, which is why the CRM platform has formed a relationship with QuickBooks, allowing your teams to utilize the software without have to record processes twice. This means that steps won’t be missed, and entries won’t be double-booked, also meaning that you can spend less time inputting data and spend more time focusing on the success of your business.

lucky business woman partner promotion success happy team congratulations Here are some key features of the Zoho CRM and QuickBooks Desktop integration:

  • Data transfer: easily transfer information between Zoho CRM and QuickBooks Desktop so that entries from both platforms will display properly and accurately. This includes contacts, quotes, products, vendors, sales orders, invoices, and more.
  • Import or export capabilities: if your teams prefer to use Zoho CRM solely, you can easily import all the information already living in QuickBooks. Reversely, if there are records that already exist in Zoho CRM, you can also export the data into QuickBooks.
  • Sync contact and vendor details: this is another useful capability, in that any adjustment to one platform will follow into the other, which deters out-of-date information from being used or accessed.
  • Synchronize data fields: with the integration of Zoho CRM and QuickBooks, your teams can also ensure that your fields are aligned and updated for each platform, meaning that entering data won’t have to be delayed due to different formatting or routine behavior.
  • Prioritization capabilities: your teams can easily look at what you already have and realize what takes priority over other tasks and also overwrite anything that requires additional attention. Having this allows your teams to trust the natural process without worrying about tasks slipping through the cracks.
  • History viewability: there are times in which we all have to go back in time to look at previous issues so we can learn from them and identify where things may have gotten off track. You can also set up processes in which data transfer actions can be deleted so that again, steps and tasks are not repeated.


Luckily, with today’s automation processes with almost everything at our fingertips, set up and installation is easy and self-explanatory. Syncing your QuickBooks Desktop application with your Zoho CRM is simple and requires few steps. Customization is also easy, as there are many ways in which your accounting teams can establish the platform as a tool in which they already understand. The integration between the two platforms is designed to simplify daily and other regular processes, so with that in mind, it’s helpful to know that the engineers behind Zoho CRM understand that simplification and automation is a key factor for users.

male and female business partners sit in office helping each other out communicationIf you or your teams require additional help with the installation process, you’ll be pleased to know that there are help resources available within the Zoho umbrella. From consultants to help with the transition to message boards and online help, you can quickly and easily find any answers you may be seeking. The machine behind Zoho and other integrated platforms only wants to help you ensure that your new CRM platform runs smoothly and seamlessly. Be sure to take advantage of all the services that this platform has to offer. Keep in mind, too, that tons of other companies are trying to achieve the same goal as you are, so if you have any questions along the way, it’s helpful to keep in mind that it’s probably already been asked before. You are not alone!

Final Thoughts

These days, it may be overwhelming to think about all the options that we have at our fingertips, especially when it comes to our business operations. There’s always so much at stake, and it can be intimidating if you’re trying to make a decision on digital platforms to help enhance your business operations. As our digital world continues to evolve and develop over time, you may also feel pressured to keep up.  

More than anything, Zoho CRM wants to help you grow your business in a productive and efficient way, which is why it offers so many other platform integration opportunities. With an integration with QuickBooks Desktop, you can rest assured that the financial side of your business is run smoothly and accurately. Revenue is, however, what keeps the lights on at the end of the day, so ensuring that this department in your company is honest is one of the most important things to consider. Aligning with this platform ensures that your finance and accounting teams will have the best systems to work with and won’t have to miss a step of any process that includes them within other teams.

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