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Case Study: NDA Documentation Automation

Company Profile:

Attobahn’s primary focus is providing internet users with a mobile alternative to traditional internet. Our network is designed to operate at Terabits speeds, facilitating streaming voice and video with intense clarity. Adaptable to virtually any user’s needs, it can be a secure, fast, and cost-efficient alternative for access to the internet.

Problem Statement:

The inefficient process of generating, editing and electronically signing the Non Disclosure Agreement for Attobahn had become a bottleneck for the compliance and contracts departments. Due to time consumption and lack of tracking the progress, Attobahn management was looking for an advanced automated solution to save hours in the process as well as organizing document management and eSignature in the system. The process of populating, sharing files, correction, sending for signature, attaching the signed document tot he related CRM record was very complicated, so the compliance and contracts teams had to spend a lot of time creating the documents and sending them to clients and their internal team members. And, for each stage, they had to manually send notifications or emails to team members and clients for signatures or actions. Then when the documents would come back they would manually upload them to Zoho. So, they need a solution to automate this manual process.

Our Solution:

Our team created a blueprint for automating the whole process with different stages of the NDA signing process. We created the automation so that users know what stage they are currently in, and the users and team members get automatic notifications through emails. NDA documents are being created in the cloud automatically with the client data in the CRM. After they are created the team members can check before sending them. The automation also sends contracts to the clients to get signed and after they are signed autobahn admins/authorities will get notifications that they were signed by the client. Then they can sign themselves. In our automation, we also create and close tasks for the CRM users automatically.


After working for them for several months, their current process has become very automated. In the end, their whole process is very smooth and the Attobahn management team needs minimum effort to complete a full process which would take a whole lot of time before.

Technologies Used: Zoho CRM, blueprints, Zoho writer, Zoho sign, Custom Widgets

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