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Leverage Social Media to Develop Your Sales Funnel with Zoho CRM

Back in the early 2000’s, social media, as it existed then, was a way for teens to connect with another – share photos and class schedules, express themselves, and essentially socialize behind a screen. As the years went on, these platforms enhanced with capabilities, and more platforms were introduced that catered to different interests or even age groups. Once businesses started to understand the power of these outlets, social media departments began to form across the business model as a way to build brand awareness, grow interest in products or services, and create a lasting impact on an audience that may have otherwise been unreachable.

Given this quick and almost immediate shift in how business operations are now performed from a sales and marketing perspective, Zoho CRM has kept up with this new way to reach consumers and has built a social media integration so that your company can engage with prospective consumers and generate promising leads from these platforms. Now, more than ever, these outlets allow companies within practically every industry across the board to heighten their sales capabilities and grow faster and more meaningfully. Here’s how: 

Generate leads

Finding existing and new engagers with your brand is easier than ever now – between tracking followers and noticing engagement trends within your social platforms activity, it’s fair to say that every user that interacts with your content is a prospective lead. With Twitter and Facebook, Zoho CRM can help you connect your social platforms with the CRM so you can implement these users into your lead funnel.

Leverage Social Media to Develop Your Sales Funnel with Zoho CRM

Lead conversion

Once your marketing teams identify what kind of activity or engagement warrants a lead qualifier, you can set your Zoho CRM to automatically add these users into your lead generator for your business. If you’re in the beginning stages of growing of social media presence, perhaps you’ll start by moving all actions into possible leads, while if you’re already a bit established and looking for a more qualified audience, you might only move those that mention your handle or comment on your content. Either way, it’s entirely customizable dependent on your plans and goals. 

Connection categorization

Once you’ve established what your organization determines as qualified leads, you can then categorize them so you’ll know which users to target first or put more attention towards. This is also a great way to develop a profile of the audience that’s engaging in your social content so you can understand who you’re hitting and how accurate that base is from your target audience. You can also establish which content marketing strategies are working and which ones aren’t necessarily generating the same level of excitement or attention. Either way, once these leads are categorized, Zoho CRM can then help the next part of the process for the sales team

Sales connection

One of the best parts of having this social integration is the ability to then connect these qualified leads and prospects with the sales contact on your team to continue to drive the individual through the sales funnel. Bring the sales rep up to speed with insight from social engagements and conversations so that they’re familiar with the user’s behavior and how likely they are to convert. 

Gather social listening

No matter the size or breadth of your social presence, it can be close to impossible to track every single behavior by just following them within the platform. Zoho Social collects all of the activity within your platforms in one hub so that your designated teams can then follow the engagement from every post and piece of content, allowing each time to form individual analysis, bringing the sales team the most accurate and up-to-date insights on social behavior of the qualified leads that you’ve gathered. 

Analyze revenue generation

You can measure success by how well your brand is recognized in the general public and how it’s perceived within your industry, but the ultimate measure of success, of course, is revenue. So with the Zoho Social integration, you’re able to measure what users have activated their engagement through purchases either straight from the social platforms or through drivers back to your site. Either way, you’ll be able to then nurture the relationship with those valuable users and know what tactics work to drive purchase. 

Drive to Zoho CRM 

Over the years, Facebook has evolved from a pure social platform for college kids to connect with one another to a true publisher with ads, targeting, and privacy policies. This kind of world allows other business to take advantage of these audiences that are already tapped into their social channels and are actively pursuing specific content as it relates to them individually.

One of the greatest strengths of Zoho Social is that you can capture leads from Facebook Lead Ads and drive them to your Zoho CRM. This means that not only will you be able to track those leads that are highly engaged and willing to interact with your ads, but you’ll also have the ability to add them to your Zoho CRM dashboard as leads or contacts, automating the task for you so you can focus on making smart analytical decisions from your reports. From there, you’ll then also be able to discern which ads are driving the most traffic and generating the most revenue for your business. 

It’s no doubt that social media is now a main player in all kinds of businesses. Through greater reach and engagement, these connection tools help deliver your brand message to new audiences with lower cost and higher reward. Social and digital also help us better understand the success rates of our marketing campaigns, making future efforts better and even more targeting. Zoho Social is capable of merging these social marketing efforts into your Zoho CRM so you can intuitively and automatically track leads, levels of engagement, and direct revenue from traffic drivers so you can understand what’s working, how your efforts are succeeding, and how your business can grow even more. 

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