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Introduction to Zoho Marketing Hub – A beginner’s guide

Lead Generation

Leads generation is where you get leads to sign up, whether from a form, an event, or a webinar. You can easily create a form on your website or create a form of Zoho forms and target them towards your leads. There’s also the event tab, where you can get people to attend events and generate leads from them. If you’ve got some conference or an event or something similar where you’d want people to attend, you can easily integrate the sign-up for those events with Zoho. A lot of individuals are organizing webinars of late; especially if you carry out online training or online sales, then you want people to sign up for webinars and integrate the leads you get from them.

Introduction to Zoho Marketing Hub – A beginner’s guide


What you can do is to input a code that is similar to your Google tracking code, and it’s going to see who visit your website and monitor what they are clicking on and monitor everything from sign up forms, how they navigate through your website whether they registered to get your email campaigns or making a purchase. You can then go into your customer relationship management and nurture your leads.

Here’s a highlight of the website feature:

  • engage Interested customers
  • get to know your leads.
  • Learn your leads interest
  • view how many leads visits via a campaign you’ve sent.
  • Lead abandonment.
  • segment your leads


a hassle-free solution for automating your marketing actions, sending targeted emails, and streamlining activities; build Journeys by defining triggers process and actions that should be performed at the end of The Journey.

  • Trigger is defined as the condition for leads to enter.
  • Process defines actions to be performed on the leads entering the journey.
  • End of Journey action configures actions that are to be performed on leads before the exit of the journey.
  • So leads get to the end of the journey, there’s going to be some action formed to put them into a funnel or someplace where someone’s can reach out to them.

With Journeys, You can

  • Send welcome series of new sign-up leads.
  • Target and nurture leads based on their activities and interest
  • send offers and wishes on birthdays and anniversaries
  • promote events and follow up with registrants, and non-registrants
  • send, post-sales, follow-ups
  • Build customer relationships, retention series
  • Re-engage with dormant lead.


You can manually add leads, import leads, sync them, or create a sign-up form that will generate leads. There are different ways of getting leads.


you can create different lists and put people in different lists of what they signed up for, what they’re interested in, and everything related. You can sync your list with Zoho campaigns as well. You can also sync it to your CRM, Zoho recruit, if you’re using Zoho one. There are a lot of Zoho options to sync with.


Manage your leads while giving them the freedom to choose what they want. Using topics, you can separate the type of newsletters you send to our leads. Leads can update their email preferences by selecting the topics of their interest. This is interesting because you might be sending email newsletters to people that will unsubscribe. You can say to someone you don’t have to unsubscribe from everything, we get that you might not be interested in this part of our business, but you may want to stay subscribed to this topic. You want them to be able to remove what they’re not interested in.

Introduction to Zoho Marketing Hub – A beginner’s guide


Products in Zoho Marketing Hub represent the services offered by your business. This module is targeted towards comprehensive product-level marketing. It helps you better understand your product’s reach and the people who are using them. This way, you can strategize better promotional plans.

with the products feature, you can

  • Create and maintain a list of services your business offers
  • Use campaigns and web assistant groups to generate leads
  • Promote a product by strategizing promotional campaigns
  • Cross-promote other associated products using cross-promotion campaigns
  • Track the journey of your leads and customers using lead customer levels
  • Get detailed insights into the progress of your leads and customers using reports.


You can integrate your Zoho survey and see if people fill it out. They may give you more information on what they need. If you send it to everybody, you can create products from the surveys, but you’re also able to tell which leads of people have filled something out. which leads clicked and helped you out.


create exclusive events, promote them via campaigns and analyze reports. You can create Zoho backstage, private events.


create and promote webinars and follow up with the registrants and non-registrants. send them out to your leads


Automate your online store, attract more customers, send promotional campaigns, and earn a greater return on your investment. Take a quick look at how you can make the most out of MarketingHub for your ecommerce automation.

  • Connect your online store and manage all your products, customers, and carts.
  • Create promotional campaigns, and send them out to your customers and potential leads.
  • Recover sales from abandoned carts, bring customers back to your store using automated email follow-ups and customer journeys.
  • Track the performance of every promotional campaign, and analyze the revenue generated via MarketingHub.

Email Signature

  • Engage your leads through email signature marketing
  • Create a common email signature for the employees of your organization
  • Create campaigns and attach them to the signature you created
  • Share the signature with employees who would engage leads through email communication
  • Whenever employees converse one-to-one with your leads, the campaigns attached to the email signatures are sure to engage them

Smart URL

Using smart URL, you can

  • Brand and customize your shortened links.
  • Set expiry and password lock for shortened links
  • Generate smart links with multiple destinations, criteria-based redirections, and analytics

Email Campaigns

setting up email campaigns, making target specific, and doing everything that comes with an email to argue it in an email Automation. emailing is one of the best ways to engage and get people to do what you want if they’re on your email list,

Social Media Campaigns

  • Includes page campaigns or post campaigns,
  • SMS campaigns
  • Create SMS messages and send them to your list of leads.

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