Integration between Zoho and Equifax

When it comes to your business, you want to ensure that you’re protected at all costs from all sorts of vulnerabilities. The more digital we become, the more our data is circulated through these channels to share information, communicate, and as always, innovate. This means that you have to have the most premium security measures in place to not only keep your own data secure but to also ensure that the information on your customers and clients are kept private as well.

This security also comes in the form of protection from the outside world. There seem to always be some kind of predators of some sort, trying to sneak a peek into your operations under the guise of a trusted partner. This tends to be more dangerous since the trust has already been established and doors have already been opened.

Integration between Zoho and Equifax

No matter the security measures that you have in place to protect internal and external data, you also want to ensure that you’re using tools that will provide you with information on potential clients before moving forward with a partnership. This can always be a risky move, especially if you’re in an industry that relies on large payments from your customer base, like real estate, financial services, or even automotive.

Relying on credit reports and financial responsibility history provides your business the background knowledge on a potential customer. This helps ensure that your company makes the right decision in regards to moving forward on the partnership or moving on. Tapping into this data requires access to tools, and your Zoho CRM can easily integrate this information with a variety of platforms, including Equifax.

Integrating Equifax with your Zoho CRM

Everything we do in our world is based on data and analysis. No business model can survive on whim or miscalculation, and it’s imperative that every company take the appropriate measures to know the risk factors when it comes to taking on new business. Equifax is widely known and used across millions of people and organizations all over the world, and integrating this platform with your customized Zoho CRM will not only help you stay educated on risk, but this data will also inform and communicate with other teams built within your CRM model so that everyone is updated and in-the-know about operations and decisions.

  • Take advantage of access to credit reports

Not only will your company be able to take advantage of accessing your own credit report, but you’ll be in the know about what your potential clients and customers are leveraging with their own credit score. This information is highly sensitive, but working with Equifax will keep all the data secure and in its rightful place.

  • Manage suspicious or fraudulent activity

While Equifax works diligently to monitor and recognize suspicious activity, your company and internal teams will also be able to keep an eye on things and report anything that may look out of place. Staying educated and aware of this kind of activity will not only keep your teams feeling safe and secure, but your own financial status won’t take a hit.

  • Work with disputes quickly and privately

If things ever do look suspicious or out of place on your end, you’ll be able to work within your Equifax platform to submit a dispute or connect with your representative to do some more digging. While in a perfect world, it would be great to think that honesty as a policy is required, but unfortunately, there will always be bad eggs. It’s crucial that you protect your company from any kind of vulnerability and keep it protected at all times.

Your Zoho CRM is customized to fit your business’s needs and goals. The Equifax integration allows that customization to thrive, as there are many advantages to linking these two platforms together.

  • View and access the credit scores of your leads that you already have established in your CRM. You’ll stay informed of anything that might resemble a red flag, and with your existing customers, you’ll be notified of drastic changes to their scores or any kind of information that could educate your teams on potential risk with that customer.
  • Depending on your industry or the services that you provide, loans might be a part of your day-to-day operations. This information relies on credit scores and financial histories, so it’s imperative that Equifax communicates with your Zoho CRM here to help your teams make informed and calculated decisions.
  • Depending on how your teams operate, you likely have a preference when it comes to how you receive your information. You’ll be able to choose between HTML or PDF formats, both of which communicate with your Zoho CRM so that the information is kept in one place that is easily accessible by the rest of your team members that need access to this information.
  • When your teams perform their analyses for loan options, you also have the opportunity to choose the way that this information is relayed to your customers. Depending on privacy preferences and the way you’ve built the relationship with your base, you’ll have the flexibility of options for this information delivery.

We are in a current state in our world where we are relying on digital operations more than ever. As we continue to shop for practically everything online, our data is out there. To protect your business and your customers’ information, your company must do what it can to stay safe but to also have all the tools in place to stay educated and informed about future decisions.

Integrating your Zoho CRM with Equifax will not only provide your internal teams comfort due to brand recognition, but it will provide your client base confidence that you’re doing your own due diligence when it comes to staying informed on risk and management. The two platforms working together will improve your internal systems and operations for a more visible process. Your teams will be updated on new information, and your company will be able to make educated decisions for the future.

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