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In Good Company: Zoho’s Trusted Partners

Any good business will be proud to share other partners to showcase their scale, breadth, and reach. The more business that’s won, the greater the ability to share feedback and success stories. Building and growing a business, however, of course requires time and attention to immense detail.

Growing relationships with other trusted partners is a huge taking-on; once business is acquired, that relationship is groomed in a completely different manner. Maintaining the business and communicating gratitude is essential for repeat business.

Zoho CRM continues to grow amidst the competition and has proven to be a trusted ally for other small businesses to help streamline their daily processes. With over 8,000 companies currently using Zoho CRM for their business needs, Zoho holds 4.98% of the market share. It holds a strong force within the field, as it caters to all sorts of companies all over the world and is only showing signs of growth. Word-of-mouth and referral continue to be a strong lead for the services provided, and Zoho is listening carefully to the market’s needs and requirements.

One of the most telling signs of success for Zoho is the top partners that it works with. Since Zoho CRM is a software itself, it does prove to be intuitive to that field, so it only makes sense that the majority of its clients are indeed other computer software companies and information technology and services. Since these companies that are experts in this same field are using Zoho CRM for their business organization, it further proves that Zoho has its ear to the pulse of the marketplace and delivers what matters most to these companies. Other industries that it caters to include marketing and advertising brands and agencies, financial services, and even hospital and health care companies.

In Good Company Zoho’s Trusted Partners

Another great showcase of success for Zoho CRM software is where in the world companies are using the program. While the majority are indeed located in the United States, there are many other areas in the world that take advantage of Zoho’s services. Companies in Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, and France also run their business with the help of Zoho.

The majority of the companies that partner with Zoho for its CRM services tend to be on the smaller side, most likely due to its cost efficiency and ability to perform accurate insight tracking. While there are quite a few larger companies with over 5,000 employees, Zoho continues to expand its reach and partner with other businesses that strive for successful client deliverables.

In Good Company

As Zoho continues to grow, so does the list of the software’s partners. Check out this quick and brief list to get a feel for Zoho’s reach and breadth of capabilities:

  • Amazon
  • KPMG
  • Columbia University
  • Netflix
  • DB Schenker
  • Capgemini
  • Air Canada
  • Citrix
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Discovery Communications
  • University of Michigan
  • City of Philadelphia
  • Friessen Press
  • Cornerstone Solutions
  • Z Brains
In Good Company Zoho’s Trusted Partners


What They’re Saying

One of the greatest gifts a satisfied customer can provide is a positive review and/or a referral. To further enhance and highlight all the benefits Zoho CRM can provide a company and a growing business, here are just a few summarized testimonials that offer details in how Zoho has enhanced partnered quality.

  • Saves Money: Every business hopes for growth and expanded exposure, so when that they see that success, they of course want to emulate that success into revenue. Another CRM system charges their services by a per-user rate, meaning that if a company grows and requires more personnel, the cost of the program also increases. An insurance company recently switched to the Zoho CRM model and immediately saw financial savings.
  • System Consolidation: Zoho CRM helped a small publishing company combine their ineffective management strategies into one efficient and intuitive implementation. Zoho CRM can address ways to bring outdated processes into the future by consolidating these efforts into one easy and accessible program. By streamlining these efforts, all departments can work together more quickly and easily.
  • Enhances Service for Clients: So much time for any company is dedicated to client services and ensuring a healthy relationship with dedicated partners, but that can often be hard to follow through with due to required internal projects. Zoho helped a small wedding services company streamline their efforts so that they can hire more team members and grow their client base.
  • Expand Outreach: With growing technology and social media platforms, it’s easy to get lost amidst all the digital chatter and clutter. As easy as it is these days to communicate with one another, it can simultaneously be just as difficult to reach the person you’re trying to reach. For recruitment purposes, a small firm in Seattle relies on Zoho’s customization capabilities to find and communicate with ideal career candidates.
  • Ease of Use: As with any kind of system change, fear of the unknown is a very common and leading concern for users. When switching from one system to Zoho CRM, however, a professor from a business school in India raves that his favorite feature of the program is its ease of use and understanding. As an instructor that must be aware of comprehension at all times, a blessing from an academic instructor proves that a Zoho transition is seamless, user-friendly, and accessible.
  • Increased Productivity: A company that is an expert in digital visibility claims that Zoho CRM has helped their business be more productive. With the ability to streamline efforts and customize how their business is operated, they are then able to refocus on taking their insight learnings and applying it to their growth and success model.

These testimonies, along with dozens of others, prove that partnering with Zoho and taking advantage of all of its offerings will guarantee success for your company. There are tons of reviews available for other benefits of the system, and if you and your business are considering a switch over to Zoho, let these trusted partners guide you in making your decision.

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