How Zoho SalesIQ Stands Ahead of Userlike for Optimum Customer Satisfaction

As consumers ourselves, we’re often overwhelmed with all the options we have when it comes to products or services. With options at our literal fingertips, it can often feel like we have all the options in the world from which to choose – which is why it’s imperative that when these consumers come to your digital brand experience, you’re using the most innovative tools that can engage with them, capture them, or convert them. Depending on what your goals are, you have solutions available that will achieve any of these goals to your liking.

Onsite interaction tools are one of the most innovative ways to find your target audience and turn them into qualified leads. There are many options in the market for you to choose for this kind of digital interaction, and this process below will look at two leaders – Zoho SalesIQ and Userlike – and establish how Zoho SalesIQ will driver stronger results to your brand. From a lower bottom line and higher customer satisfaction, the solution will be clear for your business.

  • More device capability, including mobile

We’re multitasking more than ever before, which means we’re taking our work with us wherever we go. It only makes sense that what you use for work can be accessed on any device. Zoho SalesIQ has mobile capability, which is a feature that is not available for Userlike. If something urgent happens, you need to know about it immediately – having Zoho SalesIQ available on your mobile device will allow you to take action so you won’t miss a crucial relationship. This is a huge win for Zoho SalesIQ.

How Zoho SalesIQ Stands Ahead of Userlike for Optimum Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive pricing to match the size of your business

At the end of the day, you want products and platforms that help your business without hurting your wallet. If you’re a small business or looking to grow, you need a plan that will grow as you grow. You’ll be able to expand and innovate your solutions as your teams grow. Zoho SalesIQ offers not only competitive prices, but it also provides flexibility that is reasonable as you grow. This allows you to be mindful of your bottom line spend while also knowing that if you expand, Zoho SalesIQ will expand with you respectfully.

  • Ease of use for internal teams

Anytime you introduce a new platform or system into your workflow, it can be challenging to learn it and have the rest of your teams adapt with it. Luckily, Zoho overall is known for its intuitive user experience. Zoho SalesIQ outperforms Userlike when it comes to getting acquainted with the application and adjusting accordingly. Similarly, because it integrates within the rest of your Zoho CRM ecosystem and platform, updates within Zoho SalesIQ will be communicated effectively and efficiently to other teams that are activated within the platform so that processes can be continued faster than ever before. Because Zoho SalesIQ can also be integrated with other apps within your Zoho CRM, other teams can be notified as they see fit, like customer service if a personable action needs to take place or sales if a lead is identified.

  • Higher levels of satisfaction with messenger featureWith advanced tools like AI, live chat, and even the customization option for interaction, Zoho SalesIQ has higher rates of satisfaction with what’s provided on the site. This is a part of technology that many are still adjusting to, so this speaks volumes for a tool that’s designed to use the latest features to provide customer satisfaction. While Userlike provides these same tools, the internal user satisfaction in Zoho SalesIQ outperforms that of Userlike.
  • Increased communication satisfaction

The same can be said with how the tool communicates with its users. While Userlike also uses the same features as Zoho SalesIQ, the Zoho product still outperforms. From the pop-up chat and notifications to targeted emails and in-app messaging, there’s a general increased preference for how Zoho SalesIQ interacts with users. Even as consumers, there are onsite experiences that we’re okay with, while others we may find disruptive and even alienating. These experiences are the ones that consumers will remember enough to either avoid a return visit or have a negative experience. This is a big difference between the two, so if you have a strong relationship with your clients and customers and want to retain that, Zoho SalesIQ will deliver a better user experience.

How Zoho SalesIQ Stands Ahead of Userlike for Optimum Customer Satisfaction
  • A better and stronger customer understanding

Thanks to our digital intelligence and all the ways that we’re able to collect data from our targeted audiences, we have a better understanding than ever before of who we’re trying to reach and the best ways to engage with them. When looking at the features for both platforms, Zoho SalesIQ outperforms Userlike again when it comes to finding and engaging with your customers. Zoho SalesIQ also develops more detailed analytical reports as well as lead generation for you so you’ll save valuable time trying to track down that information manually or through other channels. Having this insight in your back pocket will better inform your strategies for the future and will help you create more targeted and informed campaigns.

Engaging with your target customer base can be difficult when it seems like we’re doing everything digitally these days. Luckily, we have so many opportunities in our back pockets that let us circumnavigate that digital divide, and Zoho SalesIQ is one of the best options out there. Consumers are constantly aware of what they need, what they’re looking for, and what resonates with them. They have their values that are important to them, and your brand needs to match all of those things. When they arrive at your brand, you’ll want to be able to engage with them to meet any need that they might have. Zoho SalesIQ allows your team to do this as it makes the most sense for your brand that is easy to use and execute as well as follow-through with and provide next steps to the activated teams.

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