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How Zoho Recruit Outperforms Greenhouse for Hiring Top Talent

As with practically everything in our world these days, the hiring system for business has changed drastically thanks to our digital transformation. Advancements like the cloud, our devices, and even just increased connectivity wherever we go has changed the way our Human Resources department operates. Gone are the days of resume mail-ins or drop-offs, as they’re now replaced with customized portals and delivery systems. The interview process is now largely automated, and resume sifting has become a strategy that saves time and energy.

Every person looking for a job wants the right one, and every company looking to fill a position wants the ideal candidate. Finding that perfect mix from both ends can be difficult, but thanks to that very technology, we have methods now that can marry that combination faster and more intuitively than ever before. There are an increase of applications and platforms that can deliver on these expectations now, so it might seem difficult when it comes to finding the right fit. For this purpose, we’ll look at two HR recruitment software product leaders in the market – Zoho Recruit and Greenhouse – and illustrate how Zoho Recruit will make the most sense for your growing company and those that want to be a part of it.

  • Track activity with a customized dashboard

Your recruiting and hiring team has to juggle a lot on a regular basis – it’s often that their traditional work hours don’t align with the rest of your companies, as they’re fielding communication from people from all over the world. They’re managing information from multiple departments, like payroll, executive, and even the hiring team. They’re pulled in multiple directions, which means they need a system in place that can help them stay on track and informed of the process for every open position and what’s needed from other teams. Zoho Recruit can create a customized dashboard for your teams so that they can access the information and updates they need to keep processes in motion without missing a beat or needing to do additional outreach, which also eliminates the possibility of duplicating steps. Not only will your internal teams appreciate the speedy progress, but your applicants and prospects will appreciate the quick responses and up-to-date progress reports.

How Zoho Recruit Outperforms Greenhouse for Hiring Top Talent
  • Comprehensive email communication capabilities

Whether your HR team is looking to send updates to applicants or to other teams internally, your email can sync with Zoho Recruit so that communication is simple and easy without the need to constantly hop in and out of the platform. This alleviates overlap, and with updates integrated within the application, you’ll know for sure when a communication was sent out. This also helps save time, as you can knock out as many communication updates as you need in one sitting without getting distracted by your inbox. Your prospective new hires will appreciate the real-time communication, and your hiring team will equally appreciate the expedited process of getting the position filled as quickly as possible.

  • Collect reviews so you can optimize and improve systems

As consumers ourselves in this digital-first world, we know the value of reviews and gaining an understanding of other people’s experiences. It’s likely that due to platforms that allow feedback and comments, we’ve learned to lean on these first-hand experiences before we give a brand our business. This is a huge advantage of using Zoho Recruit over Greenhouse – Zoho Recruit can gather and collect reviews from external users so that your teams can understand what parts of the application and interview processes were great and if there are areas that need improvement. Because there’s so much value in real human soundbites, this capability within the platform allows an outlet for external parties to truly be heard, and your internal teams can take these reviews into consideration for what needs to be improved.

Whether we like it or not, social media has become an integral part of our marketing and messaging process for business as a whole. Because so many of us are active in these platforms and channels, it only makes sense that engaging with them within these areas about job opportunities is crucial. Social media has evolved from a simple connection tool to a validated news source – with increased capabilities like video content, link outs, and greater capability for connection, people are using social media for all sorts of connection and knowledge-seeking, now including opportunities. Zoho Recruit recognizes the strength in social and can utilize these channels to help spread awareness about a job listing so you can ensure that you obtain the most qualified talent for the job.

  • Mobile integration capabilities

Because your HR team is working practically all hours of the day due to managing and connecting with many individuals all over different time zones, they’ll need access to their tools and resources at all times to tend to their duties. Zoho Recruit mobile integration options so that they can access the tool when they’re at home, commuting, or even just catching up on tasks while between meetings. This ensures that no process is ever delayed or stalled just because of an integration issue across devices.

Finding the perfect candidate shouldn’t be a tedious or painful process – just as it shouldn’t be when it comes to finding the right recruitment software for your business. Hiring personnel is a personal and quite often, an intimate process. You’ll want to find a digital recruitment software application that can retain that personalization that comes with filling a position and talking to dozens of hopefuls a week. Zoho Recruit takes the top-line technology that we now use to operate our business and maintains the unique personalization it requires to hire real people in a very special marriage. This combination is easy for your internal teams to adapt to, and it works seamlessly with your external individuals that are looking to be that perfect fit. Whether they land that job or not, they’ll ultimately appreciate the ease of the experience and the personalized way in which it was handled.

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