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Because of our digital transformation in the 21st century, we’re now better at multi-tasking than ever before, managing multiple projects at once and delivering on deadlines faster and more efficiently. Just because we’re all more skilled in these ways, thanks to these innovations, doesn’t mean that we don’t need the help. There are software tools in the market that can help manage projects in a streamlined way, and since we also activate multiple teams to achieve our goals, the platforms also help with that collaboration and communication feature.

It’s always overwhelming when it comes to determining what product or system will work best for your company and your business overall, as there are more options in the market than ever before, thanks again to that digital advancement. For the purposes below, we’ll be looking at two market leaders in project management – Zoho Projects and – and explaining how Zoho Projects excels in multiple ways, no matter your industry or size of your business.

  • Keep your bottom line in mind with competitive and flexible pricing

Whether your business is just getting started or you’re established and looking to grow, you need solutions that can cater to the needs of your teams without worrying about breaking the bank. With Zoho Projects, not only will you be getting the most reasonable bang for your buck, but it also offers flexible models so that you’re not tied to just one package. Zoho understands that your needs change as you grow, so it offers packages that grow as you grow – all again, without overwhelming your financial output.

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  • Track and manage activity all in one place

As your business grows in success and team members, it’s likely that the number of projects will increase as well. This is when it’s crucial for your productivity and collaboration software to help keep everything orderly and streamlined. Zoho Projects will help your team members organize the progression of their data in one place so that it’s easy to find, track, and manage. Gone are the days of digging around, trying to find a solution, as Zoho Projects keeps it all in one safe, easy-to-find location.

  • Track billable hours for more financial monitoring, manage timesheets

Most businesses need to outsource help or hire freelancers for small or temporary projects, and often times it’s required that those outside helpers need to fill out information regarding time spent so that they can be paid accurately and on time. Something that Zoho Projects can do that cannot is track these hours completed by these outside experts and help manage timesheets so that it’s all in one place. And since Zoho Projects also syncs and communicates with your larger Zoho CRM and other Zoho product integrations, this information can then be easily transmitted and communicated to the proper teams, like HR, payroll, and the department that hired the expertise help.

  • Customize your reports and brand identity

Whether your business is just starting out or focused on growth, having a strong and ever-present brand identity is crucial, even if it’s just for internal use and reference. We’re all no stranger to the power of branding, so adding your identity to everything you produce will exhibit strong pride in what is produced. Zoho Projects offers customized branding templates so that your teams can display that brand identity on all kinds of reports – this is especially powerful if you need to share anything externally or with prospective partners or clients.

  • Manage the multiplicity

Your teams are likely working on more than one project at once, with more than one team, and juggling more than one deadline. While your team members are reliable in meeting all of the expectations that are required of them, it can often become overwhelming, especially as your company grows. What Zoho Projects can offer that cannot is the ability to manage this kind of “multiplicity.” From handling multi-language holders, especially if your business spans across country codes, to handling multiple users under one account, Zoho Projects can help streamline all of these areas where there’s room for error or overlap. By keeping all of this information orderly and also protected, your team members won’t have to waste valuable time trying to keep this administrative data safe.

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  • Ease of use and high-quality display

Introducing a new system or a new process at any stage in the game can be nerve-wracking, as this can often overwhelm team members or disrupt workflow or progress. A huge benefit of using Zoho Projects, however, is that not only is it user-friendly and intuitive, but the display is easy to adapt to and see data. Others like have a complicated onboarding process and can present data in a hard to understand manner. Using Zoho Projects is also beneficial if your teams already use other Zoho products, as they all fall under the larger Zoho product ecosystem look and feel, meaning that the adaptation time is faster and more intuitive. And with that, your Zoho products will also work together seamlessly to provide updates, communicate changes, and share project completion wins, all in one easy-to-use location that your teams are already familiar with.

Innovation is just as exciting as it is intimidating. As consumers, we look forward to this innovation, as it most of the time makes our lives easier. While it takes some time to adapt to, we continue to adjust with those innovations simply because it gets easier each time. When it comes to your business, you should emulate that same excitement and anticipation around innovation, especially when it comes to ways in which your internal teams operate. The market and expectations are moving faster than ever, and you don’t have the time or the luxury to hope that your target audience comes back if you happen to lose them. With Zoho Projects, your teams can stay on top of each of their projects in a way that is intuitive and also collaborative with all the key stakeholders that drive those projects to the finish line.

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