How Zoho Inventory Beats Magento Commerce for Your Business

There’s never been a better time to have an online retail presence, so it’s in your best interest to ensure that you’re using a platform that caters to all of your needs as a business but also exceeds market benchmarks for your consumers. We all know that we, as consumers ourselves, have unlimited options for where we put our own business, so this knowledge should stay with you as you’re selecting an application that can help improve your online retail business.

There are many options out there in market that can support your online retail business, but here, we’ll be looking at two market leaders – Zoho Inventory and Magento Commerce – and laying out how Zoho Inventory will get you the most value out of the platform without breaking the bank. There’s no better time to invest in the optimum shopping experience for you customers, so be sure to perform a detailed analysis of your business needs to determine what you’ll need from Zoho Inventory.

  • Flexible and competitive pricing to fit your business growth needs

Cost is always something to consider when integrating a new software program within your overarching infrastructure. Measuring the value of these kinds of costs can also be a measurement for the long-term, as you’ll want to understand how you consider your teams growing with this new feature as well as how you see the platform growing with your business. Zoho Inventory offers different tiers of pricing for your teams so you can determine what makes the most sense for your business now, and the platform will also offer flexible options as your business grows over time. Additionally, there are free trials available before you commit to truly grasp if Zoho Inventory suits your business – and this trial will also give your ground employees first-hand exposure into how it works and if they foresee it being a helpful tool for their operations.

  • Activity tracking to stay updated as you go

Managing your online retail store requires a tremendous amount of dedication and attention – consumers are trying to find you, payment vendors are trusting that you’ll operate according to the established agreement, and your backend teams trust that there’s enough product for inventory to keep up with demand. Zoho Inventory understands all that’s required of your online store on a regular basis, and they’re there to make it as easy on you as possible with digital tracking that is measured in real time so you can see every process in action. You’ll be able to update your customers, vendors, and internal teams on anything that requires additional follow-up, ensuring that you stay on top of everything, ensuring your brand’s positive positioning.

How Zoho Inventory Beats Magento Commerce for Your Business
  • Delivery tracking to provide real time updates

If your business operates with physical product delivery, especially with the influx of online shopping in 2020 and 2021, it’s imperative that the delivery tracking capabilities within your platform are as advanced as possible. With Zoho Inventory, you’ll be able to work with your delivery vendor to ensure that as much information is shared within your communication efforts with internal teams as well as customers on the status of their delivery. In a time when we’re all relying on delivery more than ever, this is absolutely a feature that your business must have for complete transparency with your customers – this also holds your delivery vendor accountable as well, so this is surely a huge benefit of using Zoho Inventory.

  • Complete inventory management

To echo the previous statement, all of us are doing more online shopping than ever before, which means that your warehouse and other backend teams are as accurate in their status communications as possible so that it’s translated online back to the customers that what they’re searching for is ready for purchase. As consumers, we know there’s nothing more frustrating than placing an order for a product to learn that it was actually out of stock after paying for the product. With Zoho Inventory, you’ll be able to keep your customers happy with a full backend inventory management tool that can communicate all of these updates in real time so that your customers can trust that what they see online is available, and this saves you and your financial team the headache of issuing refunds and upending customer satisfaction. This is something that Magento can’t provide, and in the times that we’re in, this capability is an absolute must-have.

  • Caters to multi-channel communication

Your customers all collectively came to your site from multiple locations – from search, social, email marketing, word-of-mouth, or any other awareness strategy that you execute to generate consumer curiosity about your brand. This means that you should also make sure that this communication follows through to these channels once a customer has made a purchase. This keeps the chain of connection open for further communication, updates, and ongoing marketing messaging. This retains your customer base and increases their chances of return, and Zoho Inventory can help deliver on those follow-ups and ongoing communication. No matter how they found you, can stay with them, and this is just one other benefit of using Zoho Inventory.

We’re living more “in the now” than ever. With live streaming and immediate updates at our fingertips, as consumers, we’re used to be as updated as possible. Zoho Inventory takes that real time data and is constantly adding it to your measurements so that at any time, you can access the platform and see how your site is performing. You can customize the activities that you choose to measure, and this will not only let you know how your brand is perceived in market, but you’ll also learn where they’re coming from, how exactly they’re interacting with your brand, and steps that you can take to improve for the future. This is a tool that is quite valuable for the growth of your business, especially in a time when we’re doing everything we can to stay home.

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