How Zoho Expense Elevates Above Concur

No matter the industry or vertical that your business is in, you have team members that require funds outside of their typical salary or paycheck. These may come on a regular basis or on an as-needed basis; either way, anytime they spend their own money to pay for a work-related expense, your company needs a structured system in place that can ensure they are repaid fairly and in a timely manner. This might look different from business to business, but ultimately your finance teams and management teams need to be integrated to follow a simple approval process. With all of this, including the advanced technology we know have at our fingertips, it might be difficult to think about what your options are.

From travel and food to lodging and out-of-pocket expenses, everything needs to be routed through for approval before payment is returned – and there’s a lot to consider when it comes to how all of those details are managed. There are a few leaders in the market that you can choose from for your business, but there are a few key ways in which Zoho Expense outperforms Concur, and for a few reasons.

  • Better digital receipt management

It seems that practically every process is now digitized to some extent, and as we continue to innovate and integrate more of these digital advancements into our workflows, this is one area in which Zoho Expense outperforms its competitor. Because the days of scanning physical receipts and uploading them the “old-fashioned” way are gone, your expense management tool should have a simplified digital receipt upload system in place. Not only is this an easier feature within Zoho Expense, but its intuitive feature simplifies the process both for the user and your financial team that requires all of the information on the receipt. This saves valuable time and effort, allowing your internal experts to focus on what they’re there to do.

How Zoho Expense Elevates Above Concur

A common association with expense reports is that they can be trudge-y and difficult to manage and manipulate. Thanks to our digital advancements just over the past couple of years, there are now stronger procedures in place that make the overall process less painful and tedious. The Zoho Expense tool makes the experience intuitive and simple for your users so they won’t waste time (or patience levels) trying to consolidate all of their information in their report. The interface is clean and easy to use, and the previous negative association with expense reports will be replaced with less dread and negative anticipation.

  • Stronger ease of currency conversion

Zoho Expense understands that for many businesses, reach goes beyond the primary country. For many, doing business internationally is a part of their construction, which means that they’ll need a system that can satisfy the different types of currency that each country uses. This kind of conversion and understanding is another strong win for Zoho Expense, as it just creates a smoother process for the users as well as your financial teams that need to approve and dispense the funds once the reports are submitted.

  • Overall stronger mobile performance, including mileage tracking

We’re all used to having our mobile devices with us at all times, and we’ve also grown accustomed to using them for our business needs as much as our professional desktops. This capability has allowed our businesses to operate faster than ever, and it’s allowed people to manage tasks no matter where they are or the time of day. With this in mind, Zoho Expense also outperforms its competitor when it comes to general mobile performance and capability – for things like receipt uploads and even mileage tracking. The tool is incredibly helpful for those that are traveling and just need to note things as they go so there’s less backtracking and math involved – allowing for greater focus on the larger task at hand.

  • Better feature updates and roadmap communication

As consumers, we’ve adapted to constant change. We know that we need to update our devices regularly, and we can always expect product updates and innovations to happen at any moment. For tools like Zoho Expense, the team is incredibly skilled at providing strong platform updates and being transparent about other upgrades that the user can expect. This helps users feel less surprised when something new is introduced and prepares them with the knowledge of what’s to come so they can more easily adapt and adjust once those updates are live and activated.

As with any productivity platform that you use for your business, you need the ability to integrate trusted products and platforms that your teams already know and love in their professional practices. Zoho Expense offers an impressive and robust portfolio of options for your teams to integrate with the platform – this allows them to continue to focus on their work with limited disruption, and it simplifies the overall process of submitted expense reports. These integrations will also make your teams stronger, as they’ll grow more comfortable with other platforms along the way and may even discover new ones that they never considered previously.

How Zoho Expense Elevates Above Concur

Your employees’ personal finances are sensitive, so managing this area should not be something that your company takes lightly. Zoho Expense knows how critical it is to ensure that they are repaid in an accurate and timely manner, which is why it built a product that is reliable, easy to use, and delivers results. With clean features that make use easy and data that is kept safe and secure, Zoho Expense makes the process easy for your employees as well as all of the approval teams involved to make the payments happen. And since all of us are also consumers, Zoho Expense strives to make sure the experience matches that of how we would want it to be as consumers ourselves – with tracking features and easy to find contact notifications, your users will appreciate the clean interface and the transparent process designation.

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