How Zoho Commerce Outperforms WooCommerce

Advancing into the 21st century has truly proven that we’re moving faster than ever before when it comes to our digital advancements and technological innovations. Even in just the past couple of years, we’ve seen our platforms and devices improve with speed, function, and general ease of use. As consumers, we’ve never been more adaptable and open to change.

The past year, especially, has proven that even significant change has made all of us more resilient. We’ve learned how to take advantage of these digital advancements and integrate them into our business operations without missing a beat. While some industries and verticals took a hit, the ecommerce industry certainly proved to be an essential for consumers everywhere. As stay-at-home orders sustained long periods of time, people resorted to online shopping for essentials, while others used it to entertain themselves, pass the time, or even take up a new hobby. This boom shocked many businesses and reminded some to upgrade the systems they use to manage this arm of their business to satisfy the increased demand.

If your business has an element of ecommerce to it, pandemic or not, you need a system that will help you manage all the nuts and bolts of this part of your company that is reliable, innovative, and can handle demand. As ecommerce continues to grow, so do your options when it comes to management products. There are many in market that will help you, but in this instance, there are a few ways in which Zoho Commerce is the most sensical option over WooCommerce, and here are just a few of those reasons.

  • Flexible monthly payment packages as opposed to annual, includes free option

One of the great things about Zoho Commerce is they understand that you’ll have different needs depending on your industry, the size of your company, and how you plan on expanding. This means that depending on what you anticipate needing, you’ll be able to commit to payment options monthly, which allows for flexibility the more you learn and grow. And if you’re truly on the fence about Zoho Commerce, they also offer a free option, which might provide your teams greater insights around capabilities, features, and advantages before you commit to greater packages. For any business on a budget, this is a valuable option so you won’t have to worry about committing to a product before you know for sure what your business and your teams need.

  • Various device capabilities for all kinds of business needs

As consumers, we’re used to our devices connecting with one another for optimum use. Mobile, tablet, and computer synchronization make our lives easier as we’re on the go and constantly connected. Zoho Commerce also offers that optimum connectivity across the devices, which is more than its competitor can offer. As many of our business models continue to operate with remote work, this is an incredible and somewhat necessary feature so that your teams can access the platform and its information no matter where they are, at any time. If there’s an issue or anything that needs immediate attention, your teams will be able to address them without the need to wait till the next business day or when they have access to the platform via their main professional device. This also directly correlates to higher customer satisfaction, as they’ll appreciate that any issues with their order or delivery are taken care of efficiently and appropriately, improving their relationship and loyalty with your brand overall. Plus, with so many channels of interaction that your customers have with your brand via email, phone, and even social media, you’ll ensure that your company’s public image remains intact.

  • Phone and live support to help with your specific needs or queries

Whether you’re new to ecommerce or have been in practice for some time, challenges will always come up, either from your internal processes or through the experience for your consumers. Another strong win for Zoho Commerce in comparison to its competitor that it offers phone and live support to tend to your immediate needs or issues – this ensures that no elements of your processes are delayed or held up, allowing your business to continue as planned. This kind of attention will be a strong point of confidence for your internal teams, which will ultimately result in satisfied and happy customers, which is an equal win.

How Zoho Commerce Outperforms Woocommerce

Just as it takes a village to make your business a successful one, it also takes a different kind of village to make your ecommerce arm an equal success. From your product and inventory organization to your finance and marketing teams and so many more, ecommerce requires the dedication and attention from experts from all kinds of divisions. Not only is this a lot of people to organize and manage, but it requires a strict processing plan that considers every element. Zoho Commerce understands the diverse requirements that your ecommerce business requires, which is why it offers tremendous variety of platforms that are easily integrated within the platform. This means that your individual teams will be able to use the products that they’re already familiar with, and your customers will appreciate that they have options when it comes to their payment and even how they choose to receive their communication. All of these considerations will make your business a strong success and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

How Zoho Commerce Outperforms Woocommerce

As with everything, your business requires care, attention, and consideration of your target audience and customer base. There are many tools out there that can manage the ecommerce arm of your business, but Zoho Commerce leads the pack when it comes to capabilities for satisfying your customers and improving your business operations and general brand awareness. Your internal teams will appreciate the organization, the streamlined processes, and the incredible integration capabilities – and your customers will appreciate the high-level customer service and attention to detail that Zoho Commerce can provide for your business.

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