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How Zoho Can Work for Your HR Department

The Human Resources department is ultimately designed to create connections. It’s the department in any company that is tasked with finding the right experts to employ, managing the upkeep in personnel, and also just kind of keeping the peace. The department acts as an overarching one, as it touches all aspects of the business and can help position a company in a positive light.

Our digital world has drastically changed how this particular department operates both internally and especially externally. Organizing and sifting through candidates and their respective resumes and cover letters is now primarily a digital process. Screening and coordinating their interviews and follow-up interviews are also now performed digitally. From recruiting to hiring and onboarding to exiting, every step of the position-filling process has completely moved to digital efforts.

How Zoho Can Work for Your HR Department

From a maintenance standpoint, there are also internal tools that can help your existing employees view and manage their medical and financial benefits, their administrative tracking like paid time off, even as well as their pay stubs. All of this can now be managed in a system that is both accessible to the Human Resources department as well as the individual employee. This access and availability not only provide additional time to the employee and the respected HR individual, but it also automates and updates changes made so that duplication and error are unavoidable.

Zoho can make all of this a realistic possibility for your company. As you grow, you’ll need more headcounts and to help manage the budget of this increased cost. You’ll also need to help organize all the administrative information as your teams grow in size, like structure, reporting, and scheduled reviews. All of this, spearheaded by your HR department, can be tremendously easier with the help of specific application integrations.

How Zoho Can Work for Your HR Department


Hiring for your company is a big deal, as you absolutely want to bring aboard the best talent while maintaining your budget. You also want to consider how your open positions are being posted and maintained in the marketplace, and you also want to make sure that all the steps in the recruiting procedure are clear cut and organized. Zoho has the Recurit application to help streamline the recruiting and hiring process so that all parties involved are informed, updated, and kept up-to-speed on new developments. Our digital world has made paper resumes obsolete and now uses portals to help screen applicants and field through the options. Social media platforms provide us insight into applicants’ networks, activities, and presences, and the digital world helps us streamline background checks to expedite the overall process. This HR application helps saves time and energy from all ends so that your hiring manager can still get work done before deciding on a candidate.


Before the internet and cloud-based software systems, hanging on to HR details meant keeping hard copies of sensitive information at your desk or at home. Now, there are ways to access all this information from your own portal, allowing you to manage your benefits, track your time off, or even check out your pay stubs. All of this information is at our fingertips in an instant, which allows your HR representatives more available time to connect with prospective or current employees on a more meaningful level. Since this People application is run digitally, all changes that are made are in real-time so there won’t need to be duplicated or overlapping efforts between departments.

Another benefit to using this system is that all data is secure. A major concern for this kind of information storage from an overarching perspective is that keeping this sensitive information accessible runs the risk of others seeing it or using the data, but the security is highly protected so that no outside parties can breach into the system. Plus, other departments can utilize this information, like the finance team, office management, or even training teams to help move the onboarding process along.

Workerly (temporary staffing)

Temporary staffing is common for all sorts of reasons across the board in any company. From maternity and other medical leaves to short project assignments, there are many instances when hiring temporary work is needed. Temporary work, despite its need for salary or benefit agreements, can sometimes require more work on the backend to maintain. Managing timesheets, invoices, and scheduling can require more tedious attention than full-time employment agreements, so this is where Workerly comes in. Zoho uses this application to help maintain and manage all elements of the temporary work that is required, alleviating workload for all parties involved. Your temporary hire won’t have to worry about proper documents being filed incorrectly, your Human Resources lead can rely on automation, while your hiring manager can rest assured that your temporary hire is focusing on the project at hand, not the administrative details. When a change is made by one party, it’ll be reflective to all the other stakeholders, which can eliminate painful crossover or duplication, and payment processes will be completed quickly and efficiently.

The Human Resources team is the group of professionals that is literally meant to emphasize the human element within a business structure. The team is designed to maintain ethical and moral standards according to the law and the business standards in place. While our digital advancements have somewhat made us more connected to our devices than to our coworkers, the HR department and these applications with Zoho allow the team to still maintain their role as human reminders without losing the human touch with these digital advancements. They instead help them perform their roles and responsibilities more efficiently, and the public image and persona of your company externally is elevated once potential employees see that your business is in-tune with the digital shift.

Having these applications available in Zoho for your HR department allows this team more time to connect with the humans within the business, rather than worrying about tedious administrative tasks. They can connect with the people, which is really the most important element of any business.

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