How Digital Signatures Can Help Go Paperless

How Digital Signatures Can Help Go Paperless

Are You Still Using Pen and Paper for Closing Deals?

Is your company still using pen and paper to make sales? You start with drafting documents for your business, and then you’ll make copies of them so that you can send them by fax or post to different people around to get signatures or approvals. You have to wait for a longer period to close the deal, resulting in losing out on deals. Not just that, you might also lose out on potential revenue that’s going to come to your company.

Digital signatures, popularly known as e-signatures, are a digital alternative to the traditional way of signing documents with pen and paper. They are very safe and reliable; the entire signing process is non-reputable, and documents signed this way or tamper-proof and legally binding. It involves digital signature certificates linked to the signer’s identity.

Another way digital signatures can help is by making it easier to complete the entire paperwork remotely. We all know that pandemic has hastened the adoption of digital signatures, particularly when it comes to small and medium-sized businesses. You can track your document activity. You can also send automatic reminders to the recipients.

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How Digital Signatures Can Help Go Paperless

A Quick Look at Zoho Sign

Zoho sign is a digital signature app used by thousands of businesses worldwide to sign, send and manage documents. It uses a simple cloud-based electronic signing process; it can be used to collect signatures or approvals just by building various workflows. You can also specify a signing order in which documents will be sent to your recipients.

You can assign roles to your recipients and send private messages to each of them individually. You can also utilize the Zoho sign in-person signing option to avoid the trouble of carrying bulk, physical documents.

You can entirely streamline your document process by creating templates and saving them from reusing in the future. You can also create a secure URL without any coding, and you emit that URL anywhere on the web to make it easier to gather signatures.

Zoho Sign Extension for Zoho CRM

If you have received a lead in Zoho CRM, you can use this Zoho sign extension to send the document out, and once they complete the signing, you can send a follow-up document for signature. You can then convert the lead into contact and execute a deal. Once the sale is executed, you can send them an invoice to fix the deal and complete the paperwork. The entire paperwork throughout the deal can be done online or remotely using the Zoho sign extension.

To use the Zoho sign extension for Zoho CRM, you need a valid Zoho sign of account and a valid Zoho CRM license, or you could also have a valid Zoho one subscription.

How Digital Signatures Can Help Go Paperless

First, login into your Zoho CRM account. You’ll be met with the Zoho CRM dashboard. to install the extension; you must click the settings icon at the top. And select Zoho under the marketplace section. Scroll down to find the Zoho sign extension and click setup. Agree to the terms of service of Zoho CRM and authorize Zoho to sign to access your Zoho CRM data and process it.

It’ll ask you whom you want to install this extension. You can install the extension only for admins, all users, or just some specific user profiles. Once done, you will be taken to the extension details page, which lists all the modules it supports by default; when you integrate, Zoho signs with Zoho CRM. It supports eight modules; it supports four dashboard module modules, which are leads, contacts, accounts, and deals, and then four inventory modules, which are quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices.

In addition to that, Zoho sign also creates three custom modules for documents and records management. As you can see, they are Zoho sign documents, Zoho sign document events, and Zoho sign recipients.

How to Send Document Out for Signature Directly from Zoho CRM?

Go into your Zoho CRM dashboard, and select the module from which you want to send the document out for signature. Select a module, open the desired record, and click send with Zoho sign at the top-right.

This will open a pop-up where you can create an e-sign workflow by adding a document. When you click to add a document, it shows you four options to select from the drop-down menu. You can upload the document from your device or add a document from your CRM documents. If you add any attachments to a particular record, whatever you have added inside the attachments, can be added to the document just by clicking from CRM attachments. You can also import the document from cloud storage services, such as Zoho, work drive, drop box, and box. Click the import option, which will open the cloud picker dialog box, and you will select your cloud application from the left menu. The other option is to use templates.

By default, the record you selected is always added as a recipient. However, I can also change it to other modules, like, contact or lead that I can pick from different modules, I can add an email to, which my documents will be sent, or you can also select the user who is part of the CRM administration. Now, coming to the recipient action, you can select whether the recipient needs to sign the document or approve the document or get a copy of the document. You can also assign the recipient to host the in-person signing.

You can select the required language using the drop-down menu next to the recipient action menu. You can select the desired language and now add a private message to be sent with the documents.

All you have to do is click the envelope icon next to the recipient action menu, and you can enter the private notes for each of the recipients individually. Then you can also set the authentication code, which provides an additional layer of security to your documents.

You can set deadlines for the recipients to sign the documents. You can also set the duration for which the signed documents will be valid. You can also set automatic email reminders for your recipients. So yeah, after everything has been chosen, you can click save.

You can also enter a message for all the document recipients under the leave a note section, once you have configured the entire workflow, you can click next, and you will be taken to the Zoho sign. Website.

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