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Getting Started with Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is a business communication software built and designed for teams to connect, communicate and collaborate in a single and secure place by bringing the people, data actions, and your ads together. It is a single solution that suffices all your needs concerning communication and collaboration at the workplace or while working remotely.

I introduce Cliq to you as a business communication software, so here’s an intro to business communication software. All the very term business communication software is self-explanatory, a communication platform that allows people in business to communicate, from a user perspective, good communication. Software must reflect your organization structure, provide secure communication, be user-friendly and customizable, and have capabilities to connect with internal tools. As we progress with our presentation, you will get a clear picture of how cliq as a business, communication software surprises, and all the concerns we discussed.

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Getting Started with Zoho Cliq

Without any further ado, let’s get started to become a Zoho Cliq user; your first action would be to join your cliq organization. You can join your cliq organization by accepting an invite sent by your admin.

How to join a Zoho Cliq organization? Let’s dive in further; this is the interface of cliq that you will see while you foremost access The blue part here is what we call the collaboration space; here is why the work gets done, and from here, you can have a comprehensive look at your team and what your team members are engaged in it, like if they are at work away or in a meeting, we call this view as remote work. We have powered it with collaborative features to enhance remote work and productivity; we shall discuss this module in detail later in this webinar.

Collaboration space, you have your chart and channels where you can have a contextual conversation by easily pulling relevant data with the help of powerful integration and commands in cliq. Then on the left is your navigation, a sidebar for quick access, and then you have the top bar with search capabilities and powerful filters. And here is why you need to reach out to schedule quickly, even set reminders, view starred messages, and more as said before, cliq is all about connecting, communicating collaborating productively.

Connect Phase in Cliq

You are various ways to connect with an individual or your team; in cliq you can do it by inviting contacts from remote work; I’m from the organization section in the navigation sidebar. We have the remote work module; here is where you will learn. Once you log in to cliq, this view is called remote work. Remote work in cliq is built to enhance work productivity while working remotely. Imagine it’s a busy Monday morning; what would be your default office routine? You would rush in, swipe your id for attendance, and gaze around at what your colleagues are engaged with while you walk to your place. This is exactly what we have replicated for you. You will start your work day in remote work by clicking on the check-in button. have a look at what your team members are engaged with via the department view conveniently view colleagues’ availability status before you approach them for collaboration and set your current availability state is to let your team know about what you’re engaged with, from this very view. You can also have quick calls, audio-video meetings, and schedule meetings by clicking on the schedule meeting option that you can see here.

When you click on the department drop-down, you can switch departments to view and connect with members in other departments, and finally, when you’re done for the day, click on the checkout button to lock out for the day.

How to Invite A Contact

To invite a contact, let’s navigate to the contact section and click on the plus icon that you can see here to invite a user within or outside your organization as in contact. Once the user accepts your invite, you will be able to see their chat and the availability status.

Connect Face

Let’s look at how to connect with and guest user and Zoho Cliq this chat in cliq provides you a platform to communicate with users who are not a part of cliq by giving them the facility to interact without having to sign up in cliq. To invite a guest user clicks on the quick action icon to invite guests and enters the email id to send the guest to ask about the acceptance, and you will be able to chat with them.

We’ll look at how the organization section helps you to connect with your organization members; let’s explore the section with a simple example, say in your company, you have onboarded an employee remotely, and it’s his first day to work remotely.

He’s a little startled about how and where to connect with this team, and all the information he has is about the team he belongs to and his manager’s name. Let’s see with just these two details how he manages to connect with his team and organization members. To connect with the team, all he has to do is navigate to the organization section. Here in the search bar, he can enter his lead’s name, and from here, he can contact him via various options, such as an audio-video call or a message to learn more about his manager. He can click on it and get acquainted with the details to know this team’s members and build contact; he has to go to my department section from here. He can view all his team members and gain insight into them, such as their designation, by clicking on the I icon that you can see here. As you just saw, if you’re onboarding employees remotely, they can follow the very steps to get further acquainted with their new teammates. The old section also has my direct reports tab, which allows an individual to view all the members who are reporting under him, and this is where we come to the end of the connect phase and cliq.

 We will look at the various ways to communicate and cliq via 1to1 chat channels and group chats. Further, in channels, you can streamline your conversation by having focused conversations in threads and can save time by forking chats.

We will start with one-to-one chat; as the name says, your individual chat with users is a one-to-one chat. You can start a one-on-one chat in two ways. If the user is in your contact, they will be listed in the contacts section in the navigation. All you have to do in the sidebar is click on their username to initiate a conversation. If the user is not in your contact list, click on the plus icon next to contacts search or select the user from the list and send invites to users to make them your contact. Once you click on the contact you want to have a conversation with, the chat window will open, and then you can start conversing with the user via messages, calls, etc.


That is the nature of what of cliq. You can use it as a notepad to scribble down your to-do’s and save important notes. You can also share files, images, and links that you would like to store for future use tasks can also act as your notification center by notifying you of anything that requires attention by pushing it to you via your chat.

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