Getting A Hang of Zoho Cliq Admin Panel

The Admin Panel

The purpose of the admin panel is to facilitate an admin to do their chores efficiently. It allows the administrator to administrate in compliance with security and privacy and reflect company goals and policies. Cliq provides you with that exactly. It has capabilities that enhance these aspects to help you manage your users with ease.

Getting A Hang Of Zoho Cliq Admin Panel

For example, user management is made easy with Zoho, directory, integration, and Cliq. With respect to security and privacy, Cliq provides capabilities to configure policies to help you streamline your internal processes and ensure security compliance in line with your organization’s standards. With Cliq, you can make the face of your brand stand unique with the help of custom branding and install the essential integrations to keep up the workflow and scale up your organization’s productivity.

Creating an Organization

To create an organization in Cliq, navigate to Zoho Cliq and enter the required details, such as your email, id password, create a Cliq account, and click on start your free trial. After that, an email will be sent to you to your registered email id. All you have to do is Cliq on confirm the account in your mail to verify and activate your Zoho account.

You can choose to either join an existing business organization or create a new business organization.

Joining an Existing Organization

To join an existing organization, you can find the organization by entering the email address of the person who’s already a part of that existing organization.

Creating A New Business Organization

To create a new business organization on Cliq, enter the company name and select create. After you’ve created your company, you can invite your colleagues via their email id. Your colleagues will receive a mail, and they can click on the join organization, which would make them a part of your organization.

The Cliq Dashboard

The big blue trunk is the collaboration space where all the work happens. At the left-hand side is the navigation sidebar where all significant components required to connect, collaborate and smooth in the workflow are made accessible. And then there’s a top bar where you have the powerful universal search bar, reminder, and more.

Admin Privilege

To access admin privilege, click on your profile picture under my organization. You’ll be able to see the admin panel button. Clicking on it will take you to the admin panel page.

Setting Up Your Organization

Setting up your organization in Cliq is very similar to building a company, but virtually. You can start building your organization by customizing and rebranding Cliq to fit your organization’s needs. To do this, you’ve got to navigate to the admin panel and customize themes, assets, custom domains, emails, and more to reflect your brand’s identity and guidelines.

The next step is to onboard your employees, claims from other external organizations, and guests. So, once you have got your employees on board, you need to set up a structure that mirrors your organizational structure in Cliq, and to achieve this, you will have to create department roles, provide permissions and create things.

The configuration module in Cliq provides you with options to define how you want your organization to connect, communicate and collaborate. Further, you can set up policies based on your organization’s requirements and secure access by configuring IP addresses. You can also enable Cliq integrations, which will help you to have control over the data applications and devices used by the employee’s integrations, which make authentication secured and data administration easy.

Lastly, you have the option to export all your organization’s messages and files from your workspace to help you with data administration and to get a comprehensive remote work attendance report of your employees via report.

Customizing Your Cliq Account

You can customize the following: themes, assets, custom domain, emailers, and user field. You get to choose a color that best reflects your organization’s identity. For example, you can choose the primary color of your company’s logo.

With assets, you can upload the logo of your organization by uploading your logo and setting the theme. You essentially are able to give your employees, and they feel that this is your own company’s communication tool.

Next up is a custom domain for your communication. You can set up your own domain to access Cliq your brand’s name with your domain, which will replace Cliqs, default, link. That is All you have to do is follow the instructions mentioned on the screen. You can enter the new domain name in the custom domain field. In the format and activate it.

After activating and receiving the SSL certificate, you will be able to access it after two to three days. You can also deactivate it anytime you want.

Getting A Hang Of Zoho Cliq Admin Panel

Emailers are similar to setting your domain to access Cliq. You can also have your email address. Usually, notifications sent from Cliq have the form of address as system-generated at You can also configure your own email address for notification emails sent from Cliq to your organization and replace the system-generated email id. To do this, you need to enter your email address and wait for it to be activated.


Talking about the user field. Every organization has its own set of required information that they would want to have in their employees’ profiles. Cliq gives you the ability to create a custom user field based on your organization’s requirements. From the user field section, you can add or remove and completely customize the layout of the use of a form according to your requirement. Just click on add fields, enter the information required, add crucial fees as mandatory so that they aren’t skipped. To edit the layout of the user fill form, click on the view layout button, you should see a set of fields. From there, you will be able to add and delete sections, or can you can just simply choose to hide? This layout can be customized for Web, iOS, and Android.

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