FullCircle ERP Integration with Zoho CRM

Case Study: Full Circle ERP Integration with Zoho CRM

Barco Uniforms Streamlines Catalog Mailing by Integrating Zoho CRM with Full Circle.

About Barco Uniforms

Barco Uniforms is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of branded uniforms, outerwear, and workwear for hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, food service, personal use, and various industries.

With a global headquarters in Los Angeles, California, USA, Barco Uniforms has evolved into crafting uniforms using state-of-the-art technologies to improve the production process, speed it along, and enhance the quality of the finished products.

Furthering this use of technology, the Barco IT management team has decided to incorporate Zoho CRM for catalog mailing to all their customers. Over the decades, Barco has grown into an international services provider for various uniform apparel. In this regard, the company has evolved using industry-leading ERP solutions for selling its products. Barco was looking for a cloud CRM solution to sync key information from their ERP to a CRM on the cloud.

Case Study Full Circle ERP Integration with Zoho CRM

Advanced Database Integration

Through Zoho CRM, Barco Uniforms has added depth to customer profiling, customer services, and database management. With this integration, multiple departments now have remote access to information about new stores, clients and branches, as well as the status of each client’s needs. With this function, multiple departments can have easy access to various data for customer relationship management and catalog mailing to all active stores/ Account.

Case Study Full Circle ERP Integration with Zoho CRM

Real-Time Usage and Functionality

In order to gain real-time, easy access to a powerful customer dashboard containing key information (customer profiles), Barco has decided to integrate the Full Circle ERP which is a Windows application with Zoho CRM on the cloud. This way, the two systems can communicate daily and update information in Zoho according to changes that happen in Full Circle. Many sales reps use this cloud solution to access customers and store information. As a result of this integration, data accessing can be done on different devices and at various locations in Zoho platform.

Multi-Department Usage

With various departments and stores working simultaneously throughout the country, the outcome of this integration/sync will function to ensure that customers’ catalogs mailing are documented and processed correctly. From Independent Sales to Marketing, Identity Sales, Enterprise Sales, and Customer Service, all departments will get the same synchronized set of information in real-time.

Seamless Usage Across All Platforms

Using Zoho CRM, each Barco employee has easy and seamless access to all necessary information about customers on a single screen, without needing to switch back and forth between multiple tools. The integration with Zoho ensures that all customer information is available to both sales and marketing teams, thereby improving the accuracy of catalog delivery to the right customers.

Case Study Full Circle ERP Integration with Zoho CRM

Project summary

To help each business sector out of the bracket of typical limitations of any traditional business methods. Barco wants Zoho CRM to be structured to meet all their needs to make the work most generative in the organization.

The Win

Through Zoho CRM integrations technology, Barco Uniforms will create a better network for identifying customers based on segments, enhancing sales pipeline expectancy and analysis, and structuring data for specific needs for each business segment: Enterprise, Inline, Identity, and others.

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