Enerflo Zoho CRM Integration

STEP 1: Sync Lead from Zoho CRM to Enerflo

When a Lead is created in Zoho CRM, it will go through the Lead Nurturing Process.

If we can set up a meeting (In-Person, Zoom, Call)  with the Lead, then the blueprint will trigger a function to create the Customer in Enerflo, as well as convert the Lead to Contact and Deal.

After the Customer is created in Enerflo, if the meeting went well, we may have Survey (Deal) and Install from that.

STEP 2: Get Survey and Install from Enerflo daily

Boosted developed a function that syncs all the Surveys and Installs from Enerflo to Zoho CRM.

The function will be run daily at 5PM, it will get the Survey details via API and update to the Deal record in Zoho CRM. Similarly, Install details will also be fetched via API and updated to the Install record in Zoho CRM. 

Thanks to this, the data is synchronized between the 2 systems and it saves a lot of time for the users to always be up-to-date with the Deal, Install progress.

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