Data Migration from QuickBooks to Zoho

Your business likely measures success in a multitude of ways. Perhaps retaining employees and having a positive work culture is paramount – you look out for work/life balance, encourage mental health practices, and implement bonding outings to bring everyone together. Perhaps you measure success by general awareness and how you’re perceived in the marketplace – this could mean looking at your engagement over your social media platforms and how your business’s name is being discussed in open channels. Maybe you continuously partner with nonprofit organizations to ensure a positive brand affinity. 

More than anything, you probably measure the success of your company by looking at your revenue and profit margins. This is what you bring in either by production of product or services or maybe by advertising. Either way, your internal financial teams work incredibly diligently in a detail-oriented way to ensure that every cent is accounted for and has a trail for every dollar going in and going out. These departments can hold a tremendous amount of pressure to be accurate at all times, which means that they likely have tedious processes in place to maintain that exact accuracy.

Your accountants absolutely must be able to have software that can cater to their exact needs and will be supportive, reliable and consistent in the results that it produces. Since the measure of success of your company certainly relies on this, it’s imperative that you consider all of your options. We compared two very well-known platforms to help you decide which accounting software will best serve your team’s needs – not only for their own personal success, but for the overall financial success of your company.

QuickBooks has been in the market for decades at this point, and as technology has evolved over time, so has the platform. Zoho Books, however, is an extension of the Zoho software platform, syncing with the master system for optimum communication. We compared both of these to determine which experience would be better for your financial teams.

  • Competitive pricing model

Every business is different, and every industry requires a different financial strategy and outlook. In comparison of the two platforms, however, not only does Zoho Books offer more options for pricing models, but the cost overall is drastically cheaper on a month-to-month basis. This is great for businesses just starting out or for those trying to figure out how baked out they need their product to look. Either way, Zoho Books will give you your biggest bang for the buck.

Data Migration from QuickBooks to Zoho
  • Basic ease of use

Every accountant can appreciate a clean and easy-to-use system that will help them perform their job responsibilities easier and more efficiently. Ease of use is a huge deciding factor when it comes to choosing an accounting platform for your company. Overall, this is another area in which Zoho Books reigned supreme over QuickBooks. With less bugs and glitches to deal with on a regular basis, the layout of Zoho Books is easy to adapt to and work within.

  • Mobile accessibility

While both platforms offer mobile capabilities for their services, Zoho Books is able to take it one step further by offering services on Microsoft phones as well as Kindles in addition to the standard Apple and Android models. Having this feature means that the platform can be accessed by more people globally, allowing for easier Zoho onboarding and training. Plus, since Zoho is tapped into additional technology models, it proves that they’re paying attention to consumer and market trends.

  • Customer service and support systems

This is an area in which Zoho overall has always shone brightly. Zoho’s customer service model provides various avenues of connection with experts on hand all over the world at any time of the day or week. This constant area of support means that any issue over any time of the day can be addressed immediately – there are no wait or hold times, and depending on the user’s preferred format of communication, the issue will be resolved. Even if there isn’t a pressing issue or a glitch at hand, there are still options for continued learning and education for new developments within the platform so that your team can stay educated and informed on upcoming changes so they can easily implement it in their daily functions and habits. From webinars and online discussion boards to in-person conferences and social media exchanges, your team is able to stay as connected as they want.

Data Migration from QuickBooks to Zoho
  • Positive reviews

We live in a world now that is dominated by online reviews. Whether it’s choosing a product, an experience, or a service, we all turn to reading reviews before making a decision. We know now to take them all with a grain of salt, but overall, these reviews provide us with a decent understanding of what to expect. With Zoho Books, the reviews across the board are almost all positive about the Zoho Books experiences. Real users claim that it’s affordable, easy to use and learn, and that it’s updated on a frequent basis. The mobile capability also proves to be a high selling point for this application. Meanwhile, QuickBooks seem to receive lower than average reviews about the software, claiming that there are too many bugs and glitches with limited customer service to help streamline those problems in a timely manner.

  • Hardware and software requirements

In today’s digital world, not only does the hardware matter in terms of operating in a uniformed physical location, but it also matters on your devices as you operate on-the-go. Because the entire business model has changed thanks to this digital shift over the past several decades, it’s important to think about the ways in which this tool will be used. In comparison of the two platforms, both operate on the cloud and is compatible with the main browsers. Zoho Books, however, works with Opera as well, which is proving to be great for productivity and business matters alike. Zoho Books additionally offers service on additional devices beyond the standard Apple and Android models.

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