Data Migration from QuickBooks to Zoho Books

We are living now in a world in which things move in an instant, and it can often feel close to impossible when it comes to trying to keep up. As we continue to receive real-time data and metrics about practically everything when it comes to our business, we can be in constant learning and refining mode. As these insights come in, it’s just as crucial to be cognizant of the finances. It can be easy to get swept away in all the interesting details that come our way, but at the end of the day, the finances are what makes the business run. Without the revenue, the operation couldn’t exist.

It’s crucial that your company uses a reliable software to help manage all of the financial elements behind your business, from payroll and taxes to community donations and profit margin management. If you’re looking to consider looking into your options to see what kind of software works best for your company, there are certain things to consider, especially if you’re already using QuickBooks.

There are benefits to using a software program that can align with your CRM, and if you’re using Zoho CRM to manage your business operations, Zoho Books can provide incredible integration elements for everything as it relates to your accounting and finances.

  • Competitive pricing

No matter the size of your company or how many members will be utilizing Zoho Books, the cost effectiveness of this software is incredible in comparison to QuickBooks. Of course, Zoho Books can also be integrated and used in parallel to QuickBooks, this article however mainly focuses on migration. While both platforms offer almost all of the same features, your company could save a fortune by using Zoho Books. Ironically, it makes complete sense that your accounting team is using software that is the most cost effective for your business and your financial goals as a company. Additionally, Zoho Books offers a free trial, which only further implements the notion that Zoho Books can provide an elite experience for your teams.

Data Migration from QuickBooks to Zoho Books
  • Requirements for software and hardware

Productivity is key for this software, and the ability to work with or without a connection is paramount. Zoho Books can provide service to more browsers, and it’s also accessible on more devices across the board. Your accounting team needs to be able to have a reliable provider in order to do their jobs, and Zoho Books can cater to this way better than QuickBooks can, meaning that productivity will be higher and data will be more accurate and insightful.

  • User-friendly and intuitive

This is a huge factor to keep in mind when considering a software program, especially one that is responsible for managing the finances of your company. You want to consider the people behind the program and how they’re going to take to the software, and overall the ease of use of Zoho Books outshines that of QuickBooks. Not only does it present fewer bugs and glitches, but one of the strongest features of Zoho overall is its incredible customer service support time. With 24/7 support across multiple channels and all over the world, you can rest easy that your accounting teams will easily find the solutions that they need to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible.

  • Mobile capabilities

Across the board, it’s imperative nowadays to be present in mobile, as we can essentially now perform practically any duty wherever we are. In comparison of the two providers, however, this is another area in which Zoho Books takes the cake. With overall higher ratings in the app stores, Zoho Books also provides more features and can cater to more devices, satisfying practically every user’s preferences.

  • Customer service

As mentioned above, Zoho overall is known for its robust customer service support and all the avenues in which they can provide help. From consultants that can deliver personalized and customized help to online discussion boards, webinars, FAQs, chatbots, hotlines, and more, users of Zoho Books can use practically any channel available to receive answers to specific questions. Since finances are essentially what make your company run, the people in this department will need immediate attention should they require it, and this is how Zoho Books dominates QuickBooks.

  • Positive user reviews

In today’s world of constant connection and in the realm of reviews and recommendations, a brand’s online reputation is incredibly powerful. This is another area in which Zoho Books excels, as users praise how easy it is to use and how upgrades are integrated regularly. The mobile app feature also produces strong feedback, as many people work remotely and often.

  • High security features

When we’re living in the digital age, safety and security are often the top concerns when it comes to confidential information. Hackers and leaks are regular fears in a company of any size, and Zoho Books offers tremendous security features that can protect the data within your company. Since this information is sensitive, it’s even more important to have a system that is protected and secure.

It can be overwhelming in any situation if you’re considering moving to a different model to manage your finances, and it can often be difficult to sift through the competition and thoroughly understand what is best for your company and the team that will ultimately be using the software. QuickBooks has been a household name for a long time, and it’s built trust within the business space effectively. As technology progresses, however, and time continues to take us to new and unknown places, it’s crucial to always keep an open mind for new opportunities. Zoho Books obviously works seamless with your Zoho CRM, which can even further streamline your processes and make your teams more collaborative than ever before.

As every business and every industry is different and unique, it’s crucial that you take the necessary to deep dive to understand what will work best for your business and how it will match your long-term goals. Zoho CRM and Zoho Books have proven that it’s a true competitor in the space, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to integrate the software within your company.

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