Data Migration from NetSuite to Zoho

In a time when everything around us is evolving, changing, and innovating, it can be easy to feel like you’re not doing enough to keep up. Or maybe you’re just always thinking there’s something out there that will serve you and your business better and more efficiently. As our digital world continues to develop and evolve, more entrants come into the market to make noise, boast that their product is the best, then leave the consumer feeling confused and overwhelmed. In the case of management software, there are tons of options available for your business, no matter the size or your industry. You may just be starting out and looking for something solid or you may be exploring your options as the competitive space continues to become more and more saturated. Either way, you certainly have options. 

As you continue to refine your business and reassess your goals and explore innovative solutions, there are a few items that likely rise to the top of your must-have list. As you think about those, consider the side-by-side comparison of two well-known management software platforms in the market. Just as every business is unique in its own way, each platform should be able to conform to those individualized needs accordingly. Let’s take a look at Zoho CRM and NetSuite migration, and see how the two compare to one another.

Data Migration from NetSuite to Zoho
  • User-friendly and viewability standards

At the end of the day, your employees will be the ones using this platform on a daily basis, so you’ll want to take this entire notion into consideration when choosing a platform that manages your professional responsibilities. In comparison, users found the NetSuite platform difficult to work in and repeatedly voiced their displeasure with the experience and overall layout of the software. Users also reported that it was difficult and complicated when it came to searching for something within the platform, which overall can contribute to delay in processes and even in implementation depending on the department involved. Zoho users, by comparison, reported that their platform was easy to learn and navigate, and furthermore, reported that application integration was easy and seamless.

  • Competitive pricing model

In general, Zoho is overall known for its low pricing without sacrificing quality of product, and that’s one of the main reasons this platform continues to be a leader in this space. It offers a wide suite of available products that come included with the main model with established capability for integrations without difficulty. One of the overarching complaints of NetSuite in comparison is that users found the package “as is” to be deceiving of sorts since the main model required all sorts of add-ons that weren’t factored into the original pricing. Not only did this stall onboarding and transition times, but it also caused major frustration and irritation with the lack of visibility upfront. Zoho also offers a range of pricing structures to match your company size and how you choose to pay while simultaneously considering what your short and long-term growth goals are.

Data Migration from NetSuite to Zoho
  • Available and reliable customer service

We’re all so digitally connected now that we forget how valuable human interaction can be. When we’re in a time of crisis, panic, or worry, sometimes all we want to do is talk to another human being that can walk through it with us. Having a robust and reliable customer service portal is one of the other qualities that Zoho is known for in this space. With a wide range of portals that you can use to reach an expert or a consultant, you can easily resolve your issue in a timely manner. In comparison, NetSuite users claim that the customer service option within that platform is barely there and that users were often forced to fend on their own and uncover their own solutions. Additionally, some claimed that they had to explore additional support options, which often led to more cost and additional red tape.

  • Integrations can get the job done

Another one of the great benefits of using the Zoho CRM model is the ability to integrate with all sorts of applications across the board to satisfy your specific business needs. The platform has partnered with multiple third-party companies to help make your business run more efficiently so you can reach your target audience more strategically while using platforms that you already know and trust – additionally, when you potential customers identify that you use the same platforms that they might use and already recognize, you’re already building brand trust with that lead. NetSuite has this capability, but users report that the integration is difficult and often tricky to do.

When you’re comparing two models like this, it’s important to keep in mind how you want your company to grow while also being considerate of what your employees need. There might be some departments that need to work during off-hours, like your engineering team or possibly your customer service team. With that, it’s crucial to consider what their needs might be during the times when the rest of the company isn’t “logged on.”

Some companies also find it helpful to form a task force of select individuals to provide opinions during pitches from other CRM companies, as these are the people, again, that will be utilizing this software on a regular basis. We also live in a time when reviews almost completely dominate the success or failure of a business. While we know to take these reviews with a grain of salt while we read them, we still also know the value that they provide to an overall picture of a business. It’s helpful to visit these sites and read the reviews – both the good and the bad. Often this information will have the ability to lead you in a direction that you may not have been considering before. Be sure to also take advantage of the networks that you have at your fingertips – find out what other companies in your field are working and identify some trends there.

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