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Customize Your Zoho CRM Views

We are living in a world where we can easily make everything around us ours – which actually may feel a bit ironic since each one of us is literally one in billions. It might be hard to find our unique voice, to help us understand who we each are without the influence of others. As our technology evolves, however, our devices have made it easy for us to customize our own worlds as we want them. From the apps we download to the music we listen to and the television we watch, algorithms work to figure out essentially who we are so that all of our experiences are customized, all of them making us feel like we’re intuitively understood.

The same can be said for your business patterns and behaviors. Think about how you organize your email, how your desktop looks, how your internet browser is set up. How does your desk look in comparison to your coworkers’? These are all easy ways to adapt this personalized customization into your professional management software. Consider how someone on the accounting team may need one style of customization in comparison to someone from on the legal team. No matter the employee, each person works differently and prefers a setup that varies from the next.

Having your business use Zoho CRM for its management software means that these very customization options are available. Your teams can continue to conduct business as they’re used to and still have the ability to work with their same preferred methods. Depending on the department, different variables for viewing and filtering options are available so that your team members can complete their tasks as efficiently as possible.

Here are just a few of the options available that your company’s business can use to enhance the internal process and also deliver a greater end result for your brand.

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Canvas View

If your business is in the retail space, this is a really good viewing option for your company, as you’re able to list your data as you see fit. From here, you can add photos to help differentiate, create custom fields to help with the filtering options, and easily customize your complete listing options so that you can truly cater to your business’s end goals. You can also create as many filters to help organize and update information as your team members see fit for the optimum viewing experience.

Deal View

So much of any kind of business is securing and closing deals to generate revenue. Your sales and accounting teams will most likely need to rely on this kind of view to monitor leads, stay on track of anything incoming and outgoing, and be able to look at the overall picture to determine profit and loss. This is also completely customizable depending on your short-term and long-term goals.

Forecasting and Analysis View

Business these days is so much about paying attention to trends and watching the marketplace for behaviors and patterns to properly chase leads and close new business. With the intuition that your Zoho CRM can generate for your business, this view is incredibly useful for your sales and marketing teams as they all work together to brainstorm ways to stay ahead of the market to secure and keep business.

Process View

At the end of the day, every business still relies on internal processes and ways to keep the business successful and in motion beyond closing deals and generating revenue. For any success that takes place, there are of course many steps that are required to make this happen. For the teams that work together behind the scenes to make every deal a success, you’ll need a viewing option that alerts all responsible team members of required steps and possible outstanding tasks. This ensures that nothing slips through the cracks, contributing to any hiccups that may lead to missed business.

Of course, no matter the customized view that you and your team members choose to employ, it all depends on how each individual uses it. Each industry, each department, and each team member is completely different, and Zoho recognizes these variables. Ensuring that there are options for every kind of personality and level of work pattern is a priority for the Zoho CRM model, so you can rest assured that no matter the template or viewing design that you choose, it can enhance the success of your business as a whole.

people sitting at workstation cubicle in office working hard relaxed casual environment discussing business working hardIntegrating the View Options

When any company introduces changes or new features into any kind of design, it can often be met with rigidity or resistance. Luckily, in today’s world of the digital age, we’re all pretty used to upgrades and features being constantly tweaked for a better overall user experience. As a result, all of us as individuals are pretty used to any kind of change introduction. It’s not exactly safe to assume that your employees will have that same attitude when it comes to introducing a new feature into their Zoho CRM, which is why the platform has made it easy for your company to utilize the assistance services that Zoho has established for these exact instances.

Depending on your company’s location, there are often in-person seminars that host users of Zoho to gather and have the opportunity to ask questions, meet other users of the platform, and learn about new features or ways to get the most out of your Zoho CRM. If your geographic location is a bit outside of a large city, there are also informal webinars that offer you the chance to pose your same questions and learn something new. There are also helpful discussion boards and chat rooms where you can obtain helpful information from other users all over the world. If you find you need a little more of a personal hand, Zoho also offers a large network of consultants for you and your company to tap into to help with a more in-depth dive into your company’s strategies and how to best incorporate your customized views into your Zoho CRM.

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