Business Automation – Using Information and Technology to Automate Business Process

We’re going to walk by looking at the requirements of an IT company that works on website and software development with 15 employees. Let’s jump into the requirements of this company, which are looking for software solutions that can handle customer management, social media management, email marketing, online chat project management, helpdesk customer feedback, management, and accounting.

The business process of this company starts with customer acquisition; their leads are generated through different touchpoints, like email campaigns, web forms, chat, and social media. Once the leads are generated, they are nurtured and followed up on together requirements. When the leads show interest, they are converted into customers.

Business Automation – Using Information and Technology to Automate Business Process

A quotation will be sent for acknowledgment if the customers wish to proceed with the service. Once accepted, advance payment is collected. Next, will be to create a project for the services offered. Once the project is completed, an invoice is sent to receive the balance of the payment. Finally, a feedback form is sent to get the customers’ happiness rating.

Resolving Issues

When software is involved, there’ll always be some bugs or issues which need to be fixed. In our case, there’ll be tickets created by the customers through emails or calls, which should be assigned to a developer or a technical engineer to resolve the issue. Once an issue is resolved, the customer will be notified, and the ticket will be closed.

Leads generated from various sources can be managed in Zoho CRM, which is our sales app to track opportunities. Zoho offers marketing applications to generate leads and retain existing customers to manage your social media activities across various channels. You can use Zoho social, our social media management app, for online customer support. You can use Zoho sales IQ, which helps you to sync the known website, visitors as lead, or contacts in Zoho CRM.

After the initial conversation, sales agents or business Executives can nurture these leads and convert them into contacts. Requirements gathered from customers can be added in the notes section of the prospective customers’ record. All the closed, lost leads can be pushed into a mailing list in Zoho campaigns, our email marketing tool.

As you can see, an estimate is created for a customer in Zoho books, which is our accounting app to manage your company’s finances advance payment from the customer can be collected with the help of a retainer invoice in Zoho books. Zoho CRM supports integration with Zoho projects, which is our project management tool that helps you manage projects timesheets and reports.

A sample project has been created titled Zilker daily needs from our CRM app. This is the interface of Zoho projects where you can see the project created in CRM synced here. As many companies are adapting to an agile methodology, we have developed Zoho sprints to manage sprints within since this business follows a hybrid method of managing their projects. We have created sprints right from Zoho projects through its integration with Zoho Sprints. 

A hybrid project management methodology brings your classic and agile teams together to work on the same project who are varied in their approaches. This is the interface of Zoho Sprint, where you can see these prints along with the work items associated with each Sprint.

 Once the project is completed, a final invoice can be generated and sent to the customer after applying the retainers. Customers’ inquiries for technical assistance can be managed in Zoho desk, which is our ticketing tool. Tickets raised for a particular issue can be associated with a Sprint as Zoho desk supports integration with Zoho Sprints with the help of an extension available in our Marketplace. Feedback from customers can be collected online by sending out a survey from Zoho survey, which helps you analyze responses from the reports available within.

This is an integrated business flow where all the operations we discussed are merged into one unified flow. Similarly, the application supporting these operations can be integrated for data sync. All these apps are available as standalone apps and in a unified bundle named Zoho One. We also offer bundles specific to sales marketing, Finance, operations, and more.

Evaluate your business

Being adaptive and agile has never been more important. Zoho One includes out-of-the-box AI, BI, and enterprise search so you can organize, blend, visualize, and analyze your business data to take your business forward.

Simplify your Enterprise

IT benefits your organization. Complexity doesn’t. Zoho One gives you a path to streamlining your costly patchwork of cloud applications, legacy tools, and paper-based processes with a proven, integrated solution.

Improve Customer Relationships

Bring your sales, marketing, and service teams together to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Zoho One gives your organization integrated tools that help you break down silos and make customers happy from call-to-quote, lead-to-cash, deal-to-delivery, and beyond.

Integrate and Migrate

Our relationship with our customers does not end the moment they buy. That’s when we go to work. Our team is armed with in-depth product knowledge and industry expertise to meet your unique technical requirements and deploy custom solutions from data migration to detailed consultation and implementation.

Create a Collaborative Culture

Zoho One helps you enable both formal and informal communication and planned and ad hoc conversations. Communicate one-to-one, one-to-many, or on your feed-based network: host online meetings and conferences, foster collaboration between employees.

Zoho One

Scalability & Reliability

Zoho for Enterprise reduces the infrastructure cost, unifies existing apps, and solves complex business problems for increased enterprise fitness and resilience. Grow confidently year after year without worrying about whether your software can stay ahead.

Security & Privacy

Large enterprises that work with customers worldwide shouldn’t have to worry about complying with local laws, maintaining strict data security, or having their information sold to third parties. From owning our data centers to GDPR compliance features, security and privacy are at the heart of everything we do.

Customization & Extensibility

Enterprise software needs to be flexible enough to become anything you need it to at a moment’s notice. Through granular customizations and its low and no-code platforms, Zoho lets you automate everyday tasks, streamline data management, orchestrate workflows and SOPs, and build and deploy world-class solutions at scale.

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