Case Study: Automation Werks | Zoho Commerce Inventory Setup

Company Profile:

Automation Werks is family company delivering automation solutions for Aluminum T-Slot framing, Pneumatics and Electronic Control. They’re committed to being the best value in automation with exceptional service in customized solutions.

Problem Statement:

Automation Werks was looking for an enterprise solution for a website and shopping cart that integrates with zoho inventory and books to handle checkout, sales orders, packaging, shipping and invoicing. They also wanted the capability for their customers to login to the shopping cart portal to see their orders and their invoices and their status of the orders and invoices.

Our Solution:

By integrating Zoho Site, and Zoho Commerce to Zoho Inventory, the end users can easily search for products on the website by name or categories and simply add them to the shopping cart. The clients were also given the capability to login to Zoho Commerce Portal to track the orders and their packaging and shipping process from A to Z. The integration between Zoho Commerce and Zoho Inventory would push all orders automatically to Zoho Inventory that makes packaging, shipment and invoicing a breeze. At the same time Zoho Inventory integration with Zoho Books and CRM would sync all the orders and invoice information to the CRM visible in each account and deal. The wholesales process was also implemented in the CRM.


Automation Werks ended up being the largest Zoho Commerce website to date. Zoho Corp had an interview with Jeff Rietschel the CEO of https://www.automationwerks.com/ as the largest Zoho Commerce user with over 5000 items in their shopping cart. The result of this success story is a comprehensive simply to use eCommerce solution that is being used highly effectively to streamline the process of eCommerce for online shoppers and the process of wholesales for Automation Werks today.

This case study is a testament to the effectiveness of Zoho’s suite of products in providing an efficient eCommerce solution for businesses of all sizes. Automation Werks has been able to maximize their online presence while taking full advantage of their CRM capabilities and Zoho Books integration. This has allowed them to reduce their operational costs, improve customer satisfaction and focus on their core business activities.

Client Comments:

I want to share with you the gratitude we have for you and your team.  From the initial stage of defining scope to setting up our Zoho One system (CRM, Books, Inventory, Website…) to making tweaks that are many times required.  I wish I could share something with your potential clients: “There may be other qualified consultants or even teams of qualified people who can help with the implementation of their system.  However, I doubt very much they will find someone with your commitment, dedication and willingness to stay engaged in a project. Engaged to help solve issues that arise, configuring the system in order to meet a need or different outcome.  These things cause pain in any organization and your ability to eliminate that pain has been inspiring!

Technologies Used: Zoho Site, Zoho Commerce, Zoho Inventory, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books

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