A Webinar on Zoho Survey and Zoho CRM Integration

A Webinar on Zoho Survey and Zoho CRM Integration

Regarding gathering feedback, there’s something called a Johari window, a psychological concept developed in the 50s by two psychologists. It deals with the etymology of knowledge and effectively the goal of having feedback. The true blind spot is what’s known as it’s an item; that is, you don’t know that you don’t know about this item, and that’s a massive blind spot, and the goal of having a feedback mechanism is to bring light to that region of knowledge. In terms of actual benefits, again, it’s to get a customer feedback loop into Zoho CRM. You’re going to combine survey data with customer data in your CRM so you know what’s happening with your customer base. The results from the Zoho survey in CRM will give your sales reps more information to convert leads. They can view those responses from other records, the window itself, and ultimately regular feedback will help every facet of the company, from development to marketing, sales, finance, and management. You know, talk to your customers, ask them what’s working or not, and take their feedback seriously. Often, that’s just neglected; this will become an automatic process, particularly with workflow automation and macros. You won’t have to think about this. It’s already integrated with your sales automation, and you can look up the data anytime.

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A Webinar on Zoho Survey and Zoho CRM Integration

Here is a sample lead from our hypothetical Charles Stone from the Zillum incorporated, and notice we have a couple of different surveys that were sent out to him. Here are the various titles and times they were sent, and we sent this via the send email option. And that’s an individual email sending method. We can also do a mass email. As you know from CRM, you can also schedule mass emails, create workflow automation, and use Zoho campaigns to distribute this. You have these micro and macro methods to distribute surveys.

Winning or Losing Deals

When you’re losing deals or winning deals, you want to know what you did right and what you did wrong, and definitely what you did in a very ugly way. Just asking is pretty straightforward, and in terms of managing your brand, people unsatisfied with the customer experience will ultimately tell far more people than someone happy. That’s why everyone takes social media very seriously. If it applies, yelp is taken very seriously; you want to manage what’s happening and give folks a forum to express their dissatisfaction, and hopefully, you can recover from that. If you can’t, at least you know what went wrong, and you can prevent that in the future. Having these kinds of sales autopsies for your deals is important.

Training Success

For training or for education in general, or for any communication you are getting across to your customers

Checking Your Brand

It’s great to use a survey tool to manage your brand; hopefully, you have a focus group or a VIP group of customers who are your brand ambassadors on the streets and probably give you feedback regularly. Just great tips, what’s good, what’s not working, and what’s not good, and you could always pin them regularly. Perhaps through workflow automation and built-in date interest interval, you can pin them every 60 days or every 90 days and say, hey, have you heard about our brand? What’s working? What’s not working? Any suggestions or comments? Any interesting stories that you’ve heard? Because your top customers are your eyes and ears on the street and in the marketplace, selling to them is always easier than selling to a new prospect. Suppose this group of customers is providing you with feedback. In that case, this also helps brand loyalty, so they feel a part of the creative process and are more inclined to continue buying with you and give you amazing feedback. For brand management, having a survey function is pretty obvious.

Zoho Survey Overview

We’re going to talk about the three basic goals of any survey tool, and you need to be able to make surveys distribute them, and review them. In making a survey, it’s pretty easy; we can start with a blank slate, we can use an existing template, we can build off existing templates, and customize the look in the field to keep that consistent with your branding and imaging, we can use existing surveys and build off of that. And I’ll show you my actual surveys for Zoho and also multiple form factors for design and, of course, customization.

Creating Survey

You can also share the collaborative aspects of surveys; surveys are often not created in a vacuum. Maybe you’re collaborating with your marketing team. You want your sales team to give you feedback on what questions to ask management will be involved; you might be working with a lot of different folks who have a couple of different options. We have a sort of read-only and comment, the only option. We can also do a collaborative function as well in sharing during the creative aspect of creating a survey.

Distributing Surveys

Automation is huge, and if you’re unfamiliar with workflow, automation is. We can create a rule where once the trigger is turned on, it’s going to look for certain criteria, and once the rule triggers turned on in the requirements are fulfilled, it’s going to perform a certain action, and that action could be, sending an email or it could be setting up a follow-up, could be calling a webhook. It could be plugging into a custom function so that it could vary.

We can also have other forms of mass distribution, such as Zoho campaigns. Zoho campaigns are our email marketing app, giving you killer analytics on the backend of what’s happening. And we have integration with Mailchimp, but we recommend Zoho campaign since it comes with the CRM plus bundle. Then, we can also use URL links directly in your email, and you can copy and paste that; you can also use social media to distribute your surveys, and we can also embed that on the web page, and we’ll give you the raw source code you can also use QR codes.

And then we also have offline surveys, so I’ve used myself in a kind of trade show environment where the food is non-existent, and the internet is atrocious. Having offline surveys and that situation is especially handy; you can set up an iPad kiosk, for example, or if you use different tablets, you can use that as well.

Review Results

We can look at charts and reports; we can look at the summary response or individual responses. We can also look at various filters; we can segment the report itself, export different sections so it can be shared with the relevant teams, or export it as a spreadsheet with comma-separated values or as a pdf; completely up to you. We can also have this be viewed in Zoho sheet, and we also have an integration with google apps, in particular google drive and Google Sheets. And this will push real-time feedback into Google Sheets, and you can also run your filters, and various reporting features off of that if you prefer that method.

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