A Tableau Alternative: Zoho Analytics for Your Business Insights

As we progress deeper and deeper into the 21st century, our digital capabilities continue to improve and enhance, which means that you need to ensure that your business integrates those innovations as much as possible to keep up with market trends and behaviors and to ensure you meet customer expectations. These digital advancements will also help your business better understand how your brand is performing in the market and how your target audience is engaging with your brand. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to consider how you can do this in an ever-changing market and in an environment that is in constant innovation, but there are tremendous options now, more than ever, that can help you understand the performance of your campaigns, analyze data as it comes in in real time, and also educate your internal teams on successes and areas of improvement.

There’s so much data out there that it might seem tough to think about all the ways in which you can measure it, but there are software application tools that can make this easier for you and your teams. For this purpose below, we’ll be looking at two market leaders – Zoho Analytics and Tableau – and illustrating how Zoho Analytics is the stronger choice for your data analyzation and your business overall.

  • Stay competitive with flexible pricing

It might be difficult to determine what your business needs and the tools it requires to stay ahead of the digital curve, but with Zoho Analytics, not only will be able to take advantage of its competitive pricing, but it allows you to be flexible as you go. Zoho knows that one of the primary goals of any business is to grow, so the product is designed to grow as your business grows to match your user needs and advanced capabilities needs. With a free trial available, you’ll also be able to determine how it’s the right fit for your business, and your key team stakeholders can get a preview into its capabilities and how exactly they could benefit from the platform.

A Tableau Alternative Zoho Analytics for Your Business Insights
  • Optimize your identity with customized branding options

Growth for any business has multiple meanings – for some, it means revenue and income, and for others, it could be awareness and customer demand, which then equates to internal headcount growth. No matter the kind of growth that is most important to your business, it’s always crucial to ensure that you use every moment to generate brand awareness. With Zoho Analytics, your reports have the capability of customized branding features so that anytime you share a report or any data generated by Zoho Analytics, your identity will be displayed where it matters. That growth can then be measured through an additional channel as you increase your brand identification.

  • Elevate with mobile capabilities

Thanks to our digital innovations overall, we’re able to conduct business no matter where we are, even if we’re commuting, in between meetings, or just catching up on the weekends. This means that we’d prefer to have access to our trusted platforms on all of our devices, including mobile. This is a huge advantage of Zoho Analytics over Tableau, as the mobile capabilities allow your team members to multi-task no matter where they are. Run those reports, deliver that data, and satisfy your customers faster and easier than ever before.

  • Sales analytics and reporting

For almost any kind of business model, sales is one of the primary backbones when it comes to the measurement of success. Whether its sales via clients or customers, you need to be able track the sales progress and offer trends and what’s in the pipeline. With Zoho Analytics, your teams can easily segment data so that it reflects just sales with a variety of filter options that allow data to show the story that you want to show. If there are specific trends that stand out, this will inform other teams on what needs improvement, what needs more attention, or even just learning moments around what’s performing well. All of these kinds of reports will make all of your teams stronger performers, and having the data in a display like Zoho Analytics can create will improve strategies overall in an effort to improve.

  • Zoho CRM and application integration

One of the strongest advantages to using Zoho Analytics is its ability to sync and work hand-in-hand with your larger Zoho CRM ecosystem. By gathering data from other teams throughout the Zoho CRM platform, your data team will be able to use even more information to create more detailed reports and insights. When those are ready to be shared, the information can then be transmitted into the other Zoho products that your other teams already use. Having those cross-team collaboration and communication possible means a faster response time to customers, more accurate information that’s relayed to clients, and a more content internal team structure. All parties will appreciate the transparency, the quick and accurate data reporting, and the ease at which you can simply get things done.

We’re living in a digital time when it’s never been easier to analyze information and use it to inform future decisions. As consumers, we’re used to having results immediately at our fingertips, so your business should strive to achieve those results for your own customers. With big data supporting us and allowing us to reach our target audience easier than ever, it’s up to us to follow through and provide strong, data-driven results to our clients and our customers.

With Zoho Analytics, you’ll not only be able to reach those individuals easier and faster, but you’ll be able to learn from every campaign you launch and understand what worked and what didn’t. You’ll be able to use the technology that we already have to enhance the relationship with your clients and customers, to improve internal processes and communication, and better the internal makeup of your company – all while strengthening your external brand awareness and loyalty.

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