A Splash Payments Alternative: Zoho Checkout for Your Business

One of the elements of living in the 21st century that has changed drastically just over the past several decades is how we control our finances and those that work with us. We’re at the point where physical payments via checks or cash are practically outdated. Online banking and other digital tools that have allowed us to safely and easily transfer money to one another have completely transformed the way in which we compensate one another. Instead of waiting days for payments to process, we can now easily deliver funds in a matter of seconds. This has proven beneficial in our personal lives, and businesses alike are seeing how helpful this has been for one-time payments as well as recurring payment processes.

It seems that because of this influx of monetary transfer capabilities, there are tons of options for your business to choose from when it comes to finding an online payment solution. Each platform has its own advantages and capabilities that set it apart from the others, and you’ll have to determine which one will suit your needs the most. Luckily, because of this increase in brands in the market, you’ll also have the ability to compare them side-by-side to determine which product makes the most sense for your business and your goals.

For this purpose, there are two brands that are comparable in terms of size served and capabilities, and the goal is to walk through each item and show how Zoho Checkout is superior to Splash Payments. While both are strong in capabilities and customer satisfaction, Zoho Checkout does offer more for your business in a few key ways.

  • Flexible payment models to suit the needs of your growing business

Whether your business is just taking off or if you’re simply looking to diversify and innovate, you need solutions that offer you flexibility and the ability to experiment and find the solution that makes the most sense for you. Before you fully commit to a new platform, you want to be able to either try it out on a preview basis or just start with a monthly package. Not only does Zoho Checkout offer this kind of flexibility, but each tier will give you different functions so you can expand your view on the product the more you use it. The other great part about this flexible pricing structure is that this allows for movement and shifts as your business grows and expands – so as your business improves, Zoho Checkout will improve with you without breaking the bank of offering solutions or capabilities that your business doesn’t need.

A Splash Payments Alternative Zoho Checkout For Your Business
  • Diverse integrations to satisfy client or customer preference

Now that we’ve been in the digital monetary transfer model for some time, you likely know that your clients and customers have preferences around the platforms and tools they use to transfer funds, either personally or professionally. And because the concern around safety and privacy is paramount for these channels, brand loyalty for these brands is particularly strong in this vertical – if they feel safe with one platform in their personal lives, they’ll likely want to utilize that same channel for professional purposes. Zoho Checkout knows this, which is why it offers various integrations with multiple well-known channels so that your clients and customers can stick with the platforms that they prefer. As you grow, you can introduce more of those integrations to expand your offerings for those that serve business with you. These diverse offerings will improve your own brand loyalty with your customers, as they’ll appreciate that your business caters to their own personal preferences.

  • Live support to help with 24/7 issues or questions

Any business, no matter the level of experience or age, knows the value of customer service. When you’re stuck or simply need help navigating a roadblock, you don’t always have the luxury of waiting until the next business day or time of availability. Zoho Checkout offers live support for those moments when you need immediate direction or guidance, which can be especially helpful in the time of digital functionality since this means that your customers are in very real ways interacting with your brand at all hours of the day. Having this function will not only provide solutions to your day-to-day roadblocks, but it will also elevate your brand’s perception with your clients and customers. Your issues and theirs can be tended to immediately and with care.

A Splash Payments Alternative Zoho Checkout For Your Business

It almost goes without saying that one of the biggest advantages to using Zoho Checkout over Splash Payments is its ability to integrate with other Zoho products that you already use and your larger Zoho CRM ecosystem. This is a huge win, as your products will be able to “talk to” and work with one another to share crucial information in automated processes, which saves your internal teams time and energy, and helps improve your user experience for your clients and customers. By integrating this product into your larger Zoho CRM ecosystem, data is transferred safely and securely in ways that will expedite the overall processes for everything else for your business. Your marketing campaigns will work more effectively, your financial processes will be more accurate and work faster, and your data and insights reporting will be higher quality and will ultimately present learnings for your teams for future innovations.

You’ve never had more choices than right now when it comes to choosing a payment processing platform. There seems to be more options coming to market as time goes on, but if your business is looking for a tool to grow with you, Zoho Checkout is the most practical choice – it not only works seamlessly with your larger Zoho CRM ecosystem, but it gives your teams the tools to work more efficiently. And with flexible pricing options that work with your company as you grow and innovate, you won’t have to worry about overpaying or missing any of the valuable capabilities that it offers.

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